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Hi, this is the pics subreddit. Did you mean to post this here?

Also, could you explain a bit more why you think L-5 is best, and why? I'm curious

Here's a pic of the lagrange points of earth:

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I had failed to sub to anything beyond the default. (oops). it really doesn't fit there, does it? L-5 is the ideal position because of its stability: once we get something there, its tendency will be to remain there and be somewhat sheltered. this is true to a lesser extent with the other lagrange points. the L-5 society : has been on the path to this end since the '70s, and theoretically is closer than ever.

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Yes, it doesn't fit here, but it's okay. We're still ironing out the bugs and getting situated about what goes where. I'm not sure where would be ideal to post this, maybe /r/science or /r/technology?

Anyway, it's an interesting idea, I didn't realize L-5 all these special properties. Thanks for explaining it. By 'sheltered' you mean that it's being led by the moon in a way that L-4 isn't, right? This has never really occurred to me before.

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yes. this point has the moon clearing things for it like a bulldozer. of course fast movers are still a challenge, but there is no getting around that yet.

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looking more at L-4 it seems like the natural high ground, allowing the occupant to drop rocks (or payloads) toward any terrestrial location with the least addition of energy. if (as harry stine suggests) we use perishable cutting tools (sawblades and machinist tools etc) as an industry to recoup the financial expenditure required to explore and develop our local gravity well, L-4 will probably be the departure point for shipping down to the planet.