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Yes, the closest neighbor to the pink dots(the jews) are the baby blue dots, the white europeans. Only the Yemenite Jews are near the Arabs, the other 8 are far closer to europeans. The Purple ones are your Levant because they have the Druze, which are further from white than the Jews are, except the Iranian Jews, which are actually on top of that group, indicating the same ancestry. In fact your purple Levant group is much further from the white Europeans than the 7/9 of the Jewish groups

Your chart supports exactly the claims I was making

Heres what your chart says

7/9 Jew groups are basically white

1/9 is Arab

1/9 is Levant, which is less white than the 7/9 Jews, and seem to be halfway between Turks and Arabs, which geographically makes sense

If you really want Jesus to be white, Jewish is really your only option close to this

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7/9 Jew groups are basically white

No, they're not

If you really want Jesus to be white, Jewish is really your only option close to this

Again, modern populations =/= ancient populations

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No, they're not

Bro, its right from your citation, you might wanna take a closer look at that graph, 7/9 Jew groups are nearest the White Europeans

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That is why us Catholics care little for race and more about absolute travesty that is rabbinic Judaism which has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.