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And a closer look of the street. It's New Arbat (Новый Арбат)

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Moscow through my shitty camera!

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Has anyone in Moscow been forced to go the frontline in Ukraine?

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Idk, gotta ask around

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It must be nice that you don't have to call it a special military operation anymore, because it's kind of a stretch to have a front line, but not count it as a war.

Does the government care (e.g. arrest you) if you share your opinion on such a fringe website or do they only care when you reach large audiences (like Twitter/Facebook/etc.)?

Did they care about you talking to your friends or do you then also have to tip toe around exactly what you say? I mean, I can imagine they only care when you actually pick up a sign or shout on the streets.

In principle, the government could just arrest you for sharing 'intelligence' (pictures of a street).

Does the Russian government arrest tourists for ransom or just plain fun (e.g. to rape pretty girls like the Saudis do)?

Do you even still have something resembling a government or is it thugs all the way down? I mean, someone still needs to manage to replace a street sign in a city.

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I don't know, I see people criticizing the government on large social media websites without any consequences every day. I doubt they'd bother finding someone who said some shit on a small website. But I personally choose to be extra careful, as I have a history of, um... interacting with authorities. Over another, unrelated matter, but still...

Did they care about you talking to your friends

Absolutely not. If they did, everyone would have been in jail by now.

In principle, the government could just arrest you for sharing 'intelligence' (pictures of a street).

Nah, that's bullshit. I'm a civilian who's thousand miles away from the war zone, and this is just a picture of downtown Moscow. Nothing of too much importance to see here - sorry, CIA.

Does the Russian government arrest tourists for ransom

Don't know, you might have to figure that one out yourself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do you even still have something resembling a government

We do, but...

is it thugs all the way down?

Isn't EVERY government like that, everywhere?

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Nah, that's bullshit.

Most "reasons" I hear from people these days are bullshit reasons; I wish I could slap some sense into them with millions at a time (without me even having to get to know the poor creatures), but unfortunately we have rules that fit a society of rational individuals and I live in the circus.

Isn't EVERY government like that, everywhere?

Fair point, but they at least pretend to not be criminals and the set of criminals rotates every 4 or 5 years, which theoretically helps.

There is a difference between "you are in the opposition and I am going to poison you and then lock you up in a Siberia" and "I am going to make sure you will not get a government contract, even though you are the best". It's both corruption, however.

I think not every government is like that, but then again, I don't know many governments. Ultimately, if you go against their interests, even legally, they will find a way to 'govern'. I think the trust in governments is at an all time low to the point that senior news reporters refer to them as circuses... In the time of the Romans, senators were at least educated and respected. Depending on the emperor in charge, corruption was even punished. I am wondering whether we really progressed anything.

How do you think the war will end? I don't see Ukraine going to negotiate, because you can't negotiate with Russia (they will just regroup and attack again). Russia could retreat and hope that Ukraine will not march to Moscow at any later point in the future (let's say Ukraine develops until a wealthy state in the next few hundred years and could crush Russia with low effort at some point). I think Putin just has gotten COVID and gotten slightly crazy (lots of people experienced something like that). The average IQ (as compared with pre-COVID) dropped due to COVID, no doubt.

Do you not think Russia is on a full on genocidal mission to replace every Ukrainian with a Russian? It seems completely obvious to me.

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It looks very American.

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Can't we all just get along?

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Very cool.

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What's your personal experience in Moscow, detty? You have family there? On business? Born and raised there? I appreciate you sharing the pictures.

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Born, raised and still living there! I was just strolling around downtown last night and remembered that I've never posted any pictures of Moscow for you guys.

I love this city, even though it's becoming an overpopulated mess.

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Neat, thank you! Never been, but I keep hearing it's a beautiful city. I've heard the same about St. Petersburg, too. Looks like a calm scene in Moscow. Is the city a pretty even mix of old architecture and new? What are the main night life / Saturday nigh evening out activities?

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Never been, but I keep hearing it's a beautiful city

It is! Especially the downtown part of it. Though it's not always like that - in winter it's just plain depressing everywhere you go. Would not recommend. Though maybe it's just me.

Is the city a pretty even mix of old architecture and new?

Yeah, pretty much so. Though, the closer you get to the outskirts, the more ugly ass lifeless modern buildings you see.

What are the main night life / Saturday nigh evening out activities?

I think it's pretty much the same everywhere. Tons of bars, restaurants and clubs open all night in the city centre, very peaceful & quiet outside of the major areas. I don't know, you gotta ask someone more experienced about that. I usually just stroll around in an attempt to feel alive, lol. That's what I was doing when I took this pic.

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What is Putin's opinion of jews?

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Praga, Restoran

🚫 Permanently closed

Historic 1870s restaurant, one of the most luxurious in the city in Tsarist times, rebuilt numerous times. One of the few major restaurants in Moscow in the Soviet era, when dining establishments not run by the state were forbidden.

Restaurant "Praga", con. XVIII century. , 1906, architect. L. Kekushev; 1915 add-in and change the façade, architect. AE Erichson, 1954-1955 renovation, architect. B. Sobolewski.

Original three-dimensional arrangement established in the era of classicism, this still reminds rotondalny volume on the corner of the building. In 1906 it was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style for a first-class restaurants S. Tararykina (from this time survived granite facing entrances and entry). Once again rebuilt during the neo-classical architect. A. Erichson. Then, in addition to the construction of a cinema and restaurants are saleroom. This restructuring has pointed his classic decorative and compositional traits. Open terraces and pergolas on the roof, the use of stucco decoration of vine motif figuratively anticipate spa buildings of the postwar period, the Stalinist classicism.

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They're planning to turn it into an apartment building now :(

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A world for the taking...