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Windows is "self activating, right? Your question has me befuddled. Perhaps I am having a Biden moment.

Perhaps you wonder what the best programs outside the Windows program to use? There are a multitude of types from anti-virus to working with audio or video to one such as this small tidy but handy as hell for some folks:

Diagram designer

There are several graphic types that allow easy creation of flow charts that you can add text to the symbols. Impress clients, bosses etc with easy to view idea implementation, etc.

Other symbol types relate to different industry-types.

And grooviest of all is that it is free. No cover charge. Even a cheapskate such as the dregs infesting this dive would groove on that aspect of this program.

And learn how to better phrase your queries, you dolt.

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Go there if free stuff is what you seek. Wise folks (extremely few found at this demented dump/dive of deviants and mental deficients) will find a software of interest then perform a Web search for reviews of users from various sites to ascertain if it is suitable for you likely low-level possibly deviant needs.