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Duh. Thanks. I should have checked those first. I knew about them too. KickAssTorrents and others learned to decentralize across MANY domains - but by then it was too late for KAT who has never fully recovered their popularity.

.GD - God Damn thanks!

Edit: Note: Do NOT use "www." with GD.

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Personally I've always used a handful of sites for torrenting - or (it's a Russian site but honestly I don't think you really require the language skills to use the site, just write near the magnifying glass and hit enter).

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Last time I checked, a few of the sites in that Tigole article I wrote ~2017 are still going strong, a few have morphed and evolved, and a few have fallen. I also used to use the qBittorrent search a lot.

These days I don't even really care. Getting the last dozen years' worth of Big Pharma poison out of my system lessens my obsessive compulsions to "collect them all". Not only do I have endless terabytes I'll never watch, I no longer care about the blatant and obvious propaganda and consumerist culture we're forced to consume while they oppress, suppress, and repress authentic voices and organic culture - especially resistance to the status quo. My bad habit has devolved to simply download all the stuff that my favourite release groups share simply because I don't care anymore to seek out the best of the best as I used to. That kind of filtering takes motivation, time, energy, and devotion. Our culture is ruined. Why bother. I'd rather make a new one.

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    If I could afford it I wouldn't pirate. I would also want to support the artists and teams rather than the corporations and propagandists. Using a piece of software once is very different than using or benefiting from it all the time (some software you use once but have lasting effects).

    Piracy is NOT damage and it's not lost earnings either. If anything it's captured audiences. If we were somehow not able to pirate and we couldn't afford their propaganda we'd be turning to alternative entertainment and potentially be exposed to new revolutionary ideas.

    I prefer the donate if it's good model. Unfortunately that will rule out a lot of folks who try but won't ever be good, but it will also make many up their game.

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      Who're you warning? Me or Jason? Either way this is a month old post, where were you earlier? And how exactly is this illegal activity? Like is advocating for piracy illegal or suggesting pirate sites? Just askin'.

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        Well if anything... I guess remove this post? I guess do something to prevent from this as being a bargaining chip to take us down, either way why would someone care that I, a non-US person, pirates? Just do what you think's best.