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Satan's Children 60 Minutes Pt 2

Satan's Children 60 Minutes Pt 3

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This was in the early 90s during the "satanic panic".

I laughed all that stuff off at the time (viewing it as busybody mothers getting worked up over nothing, as that was basically the way it was presented in the media at the time) but now I'm realizing that certain very serious stories were breaking and perhaps they rolled that in to this much broader "satanic panic" narrative to draw people off the target, focusing on silly things like Dungeons & Dragons. Then people laugh at the silly parts, and the real injustices get buried in this over-reaching narrative that developed.

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yes, words like panic or hysteria imply overreacting, weak nerves or minds of the whistleblowers and accusers, ungrounded behavior... resulting in instant discrediting effect. and combining them in catchy memetic phrases like satanic panic gives it a yellow print type quality, further eroding the gravity of the topic

the majority of people being mostly unprepared for harsh truths and wanting no responsibility to act upon this type of unpleasant facts will gladly accept this as an easy way out and gloss over

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I think you're exactly right. That makes sense to me.