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I remember it too. I'm still disappointed bernie didn't call out the DNC's blatant rigging of the Democratic primaries. He should've at least said something about it... it makes me wonder if he's controlled opposition, to make the actual left people think they have a chance of being represented when it's all just rigged for Hillary and the neoliberals.

A similar thing seems to be going on with the republican party, in that the neoconservatives and big money have it on lock down, more or less. Although it was surprising to see Trump win instead of Jeb or some other Bush minion.

Anyway, I have been amazed time and time again at how slowly reddit is falling apart compared to digg. They're really containing the damage quite well, probably due in part to the subreddit system, which digg didn't really have.

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Thanks for sharing this again! I'll take a good look.

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There is bullshit, and there is bullshit, and there also is other bullshit- and that, my friend, was all three. As a potential antidote, do a web search on “samizdat”: because that is where we are going.