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Down South we used to call it Baptist Preacher's Daughter Syndrome or BPDS. You raise 'em on the Good Book and never mention sex but once she gets into the back of some guy's Chevrolet, the Devil has her by the throat or some other anatomical part. Of course, as you said, nowdays it is waay worse.

Look up bundling and you will see that it was a practice of the early American Puritans. A boy would come a courtin' from miles away and the parents would wrap him and their daughter up in yards of cloth to prevent any sort of activity. How long do you think it took two horny 15-year-olds to bypass that security?

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How long do you think it took two horny 15-year-olds to bypass that security?

Well if they were in the south...

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I know: it took a little longer but not much. Those blankets must have been pretty wet.

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It rains hard, out in them corn fields. Bubba and Sis stayed warm despite them wet blankets...

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Yaosuh. It was mostly tabaccy when I was coming along but now they say the money crop has changed. I can't keep up. BTW, at the age of 87, Bubba and Sis got a divorce. Yeah, they wanted to wait 'til the kids were dead. 🤦‍♂️

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mhmm! And don't forget about rasslin', racing and crawdads; but time's ain't what they were. Jobs went to foreigners and oevr yonder; yankees started settlin' and changing thangs around.

Good to hear bout ol' bubba and sis though, it dills ma pickle hearing about em'. Those kiddies wont meant to be around much longer on account of the retardation. Bless their hearts.

But y'all take care now and don't take no wooden nickels from a humbug!

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It's all that inbreeding that does it. Makes 'em all artistic and shit. Bubba and Sis never had a chance anyway—it was all just glands.

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"Then the LORD will appear over them; his arrow will flash like lightning. The Sovereign LORD will sound the trumpet; he will march in the storms of the south"

Zechariah 9:14

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But Magnetic North has changed since then and now HE will march in the storms of the Middle East.

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Nonsense. Our parents used to boot us out of the house to "go play" and wouldn't even know where we were all day. I could be at a friends house, or at the park, or ride my bike anywhere - on the street - with no helmets or elbow pads whatsoever. Mom didn't even look for me unless I was late for dinner. She had no idea where I was all day.

Crime was much worse back then too.

Compare the total freedom I had as a child to today's helicopter parenting.

The 60's generation weren't rebelling against their childhood, they were rebelling against the strictures of young adulthood.

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were there black kids around your neighborhood

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I had the same childhood as OP and "yes" is the answer to that. What's your point?

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doubt you did are you his brother? point is it's boomer nonsense to say the old days were great and i understand why parents don't want their kids going off on their own nowadays if blakc kids are out there

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Typical. Racist and ignorant as hell and cant even proof read, also your grammar is shit.

It was the white kids in the neighborhood that got busted for Toilette Papering the neighborhood and causing trouble. The black kids where just glad to live in a neighborhood where they were liked and tolerated. I had a decent school too.

-And I'm not a boomer.

Man the ignorance on this site is getting more prevalent and less reasonable every day.

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The population of liberals is decreasing in the west due to dysgenic breeding, abortion, transgenderism, 3rd wave feminism, etc. The population of conservatives is over replacement. Evolution and self-selection will sort this out within 50 years.

This has been going on for decades and is accelerating. Since political leanings are largely heritable we have an interesting future ahead of us. This is why leftish politicians push immigration from third world countries so hard.

At the end of the day surviving and reproducing is how you achieve success as a life form. Ideology that renders it's adherents unable to reproduce at replacement levels is akin to a death cult.

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You make a great point!

The pendulum swings extremely to neutral. Its just a matter of time before those hellions will fall into line as well.

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I think you are partially right, if you just think to video games I think you see exactly the behavior you predict: young kids rebelling against PC culture by screaming obscenities of every race and creed through a $10 microphone. And I'm in deep liberal territory, no reason to think these kids are from the conservative side of the state.

But, just like the young people of the 60s, they grow out of it. They realized free love had real downsides: STDs, imperfect birth control, etc. And young people today realize that racial obscenities make it harder for them to work and grow with people of those races. Or any other PC issue. As soon as you meet someone, who is a way you didn't expect, but has skills you respect, you grow out of it.

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I think that the Puritans (in broad sense of the world, not just a religious sect) both in New England and on the British Isles were very open-minded and "based" (honest) about race, but not about sex. Liberals are the opposite, they're very open-mindend and "based" about sex, but not about race. I agree with the OP things will change in 10 years or 30 at most.

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the sexual revolution was caused by birth control, letting this garbage being sold around with no pre scription was a fucking devastating mistake