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We have reached the quickening of the global great awakening. From the United States to France to Germany and Italy, people around the world are beginning to recognize the agenda of the New World Order globalist puppets, and they should be actively resisting it.

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But who has time with work and the kids and bills to pay. Wait, I have none of those. I spend all day researching shit. And then people think I'm crazy cause I actually dig to find the truth rather than have shit spoon fed to me.

Anyway, I don't know if SaidIt has covered this or not, but Jimmy Dore has several times...

We all know Operation Mockingbird got the CIA in every media outlet in the world by 1972(?).

All of these corporate-Democrat fake-left assholes are bad enough but the CIA is now infiltrating and taking over the Democrat Party, as if they hadn't already.

I'd cite some shit but I'm trying to pull back from my SaidIt addiction.

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No sound?