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No, it's not fucked up. Neither major party has even had its nominating convention yet. As a way of example, McCain didn't announce he chose Palin until 8/29/2008. The RNC convention that year started 9/4/2008. Therefore, his choice wasn't made public until 5 days prior. Obama did name Biden as his choice about 2 months out in 2008. Ultimately, Biden doesn't actually have the nomination yet. He may never get to make a VP pick (unlikely, but possible).

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I came here to ask if the convention had gone early and when Biden had accepted the nomination. That's usually big news. But yeah, spot on answer. Have an internet point.

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Pure unadulterated panic.

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lol, that's not behind the scenes!

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Behind the scenes is likely utter pandemonium. Either way, I'm more concerned with planning what to do when Trumps time as president is up.

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Since he will most likely be replaced by a Democrat (eitherin 2020 ir 2024), we had better prepare for civil war. The dems obviously want one. It would let them solidify their power and eliminate the constitution.

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They're rarely announced much before the convention, oftentimes during the convention. The VP pick is often part of the horse-trading process.

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It's more fucked up that we still have a whole four months to go before the quarantine will be over and maybe I can find a new job.

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They're probably waiting as late as possible so they know what the shot is. Do they go minority or minority-woman when the minority vote is already in the bag? Or do they choose a more conservative white guy or whitish female like Tulsi to try and eat away at Trump's white populist support? With corona and race-riots a lot is unclear. So, they're waiting

It almost doesn't matter either since the election is theirs to lose. Trump would lose to a corpse at this rate - and that's practically what Biden is

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I mean, I would like to know, but at the same time, I am also glad he waited maybe, he was seriously gonna consider Klob inb4 blm, and BLM may throw out that evil DA lady too. Waiting has somewhat given the people a say, which is important since we know hes probably gonna die within a year of taking office anyhow.

Now, what does worry me most is we have had zero debate, and one candidate seems to go media silent for days or weeks at a time, and never actually discuses much in terms of solid policy.

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Biden also has a problem because he really boxed himself in by promising a female nominee, and now he is under a lot of pressure to choose a black woman. So that really limits his choices.