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The whole thing is blown out of proportion. There are anti-China actors promoting propaganda and the Uighurs are a convenient hook. That's all.

It's clearly a Muslim issue. If there were any problem, the Umma would be on the job. We got nail bombs and trucks driving through crowds of children in our countries for much less. Let's let Muslims handle their own people. It's not our job and the universal opinion is that America needs to stop playing World Police. Our meddling just makes things worse.

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Very silly thinking that Islamic extremists actually care about muslims rather than just hating the West.

Far more muslims are killed by Islamic terrorists than any other group.

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They declared war on us in self-defense. It's not extremists, either. Normal Muslims believe the same, they just don't pick up a gun.

The Muslims that are killed are the wrong kind of Muslims. Not our job to get in between other people's fights. Same as this Uighur issue. Leave it to the Chinese and Muslims to figure out for themselves. Nobody wants our opinion and they'd let us know if they did.

Who in the world is demanding a US intervention? Where are they? Did we even ask the Uighurs?

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We declared war on them in self defence too. Dumb argument. Islam has been trying to take over the world and commit genocide for 14 centuries and you are trying to say the USA started it.

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Osama Bin Laden started Al-Qaeda because the US occupied the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia. Yup.

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Saudi Arabia is a western created country. Created very recently. It's soil isn't sacred in Islam.

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Uh...Mecca? Medina? Saudi Arabia is the custodian of these holy sites? I'm sorry but we're not going to be able to have an argument if you don't even know basic facts.

Osama bin Laden started al-Qaeda to drive the US troops from the sacred soil of Islam. Without US occupation, AQ wouldn't exist and 9/11 would never have happened.

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Right, but I still don't think you should be put into camps over it.

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I do. They're brainwashed cult members. Reeducation will work wonders for them.

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How is extracting organs reeducating?

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if you get sent to the organ transplant department, you dont get to graduate.

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Sadly, this was funny.

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islam will put you into jail for simply disagreeing with their quran... a jail is a camp..


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...If you disagree with anything official in China you will get jail...At least in SOME Muslim countries haram is only talking badly about their prophet... Islam is now the front line for red commie takeover from the east. You are so deluded.

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i am deluded, you are deluded, this seems to be our lingo today.

but we are all headed directly into world war four.

last one down is a rotten egg!

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We have bitten the hook, like and sinker from the mass media. Imagine thinking black man, brown man or white man are your enemies because the jewish man tells you so on your TV

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i agree fully.

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Nah, I doubt it very heavily. In the Maldives tourists are practically worshipped as gods.

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I'd be willing to say that if we didn't have so many other forces trying to stick their fingers into our lives. The number of giant mega corps telling me how I need to live my life in the name of morality when they fully support a regime with actual ethnic concentration camps deeply offends me. if you want to stick your fingers into my life, you'd better be willing to speak up for your buddies the Chinese and their actual honest-to-god ethnic concentration camps. if you're not willing to speak up for the actual honest-to-god ethnic concentration camps, you're not allowed to go out and attack me for my microaggressions.

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    China only owns 7 percent of reddit. The rest is owned by Jews from the US.

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    7% is still enough to influence them. If China walks out, a lot of the other stockholders will walk out too. Plus, China projects some serious soft power onto companies like Reddit.

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    Does "the left" really support China though? Tankies, sure, but I've definitely not seen anything but broad condemnation of China from the mainstream "left". In fact, most of them seemed to be supportive of protestors in Hong Kong (whether or not it was astroturfed).

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    Although my political views change over time and are never static, I currently consider myself left-leaning. I'm both anti-CCP and anti-Trump. I find it bizarre when people assume that being anti-CCP means you support Trump.. in fact, I see a lot more similarities between the CCP and the Trump regime.

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    You did see all of Trump's anti-China rhetoric since even before running for President, right? Just want a sanity check here. Because he was doing it before it was 'cool.' A lot of rhino Republicans were still spouting the Libertarian nonsense about how increased trade equals increased Democracy. You'll notice a lot of those same "republicans" are awfully quiet now that it's obvious the money went to fuel the CCP's oppression machine.

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    Yeah I'm a little disappointed in the arguments on this thread as the situation seems pretty obvious. CCP invests in Reddit to propagandize. Muslims are pretty much hated in the west.

    This doesn't change the fact that CCP under Xi is running vile genocide against Uighers and their apparatus appears as a modern version of authoritarian regimes like Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet or Trujillo.

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    They talk one way in public and another behind closed doors. The Democrats (I assume that's what you mean by mainstream left?) take Chinese "donations" and vote for all these disastrous trade deals that hurt American citizens. They'll claim to be anti-China, however, their voting record will quickly show that not to be true. Even many Republicans are in bed with the Chinese, like McConnell.

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    Does "the left" really support China though?

    Not in the manner which you are suggesting. It has nothing to do with communism vs capitalism. It's an oligarchic system where billionaires from China and the West share business partnerships and have overarching goals to have a pacified populace- think of it as an algorithm for power. You can pool the most power by combining populaces/markets and making sure that they are compliant. "The left" favor more collectivist goals and as such are more on board with amoral power consolidation than oligarchs that lean right.

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    Which left are you speaking of that supports China? I know there is likely some pro-Chinese censorship on Reddit's end, but I haven't seen much other support for it on Reddit anywhere I look.

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    reddit is a cesspool of liberal hypocrisy. Liberalism is based almost entirely on emotions. Facing facts like this is offensive to liberal redditors, since it makes a mockery of their Trump claims and shows that their communist heroes in China are actually genocidical fascists.

    So away it goes!

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    remove kebab.

    i think many people with any understanding of the history of islam are quite comfy to see them being dealt to, even if it is by the red army

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    Yeah, especially with the arson in Nantes this morning, I can't be bothered to give a single fuck about Muslims in China. If anything, I'm beyond envious that the Chinese have a government willing to do what's necessary to deal with Islam.

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    People can say what they want about how evil the CCP is. But one thing's for sure. They get shit done. No weak backbones for them.

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    Leftism is a cult. The rhetoric of the cult (social justice, equality, compassion, acceptance, etc) is a tool they use to attack outsiders and corral useful idiots. The only thing they truly believe in is power.

    You could write a book on all the evidence for that claim if you had the energy for it.

    To them truth and morality are SUBJECTIVE, and thus meaningless. Every evil is justifiable, every good can be spun into bad.

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    that there is no modern day holocaust

    Tbf there is no olden day Holocaust either.

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    I'm so glad we're in a place where we can actually say that now.

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    Yeah sure, there were never any slaves either. 🤣

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    I too am glad for this.

    Retards saying retarded shit for people to laugh at is something I've missed since the Reddit.

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    How is it retarded? Want to dig into the info, or just use ad-hominem?

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    Hey it worked on censorit.

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    For this, you need to actually post info rather than use passive-aggressive pointless replies.

    You know full well I'm talking about a general concept (the comments in general), so I have no specific arguments unless you talk about specific points.

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    I'm pushing the discussion up the pyramid of debate.

    So you want to dig into the info, then?

    Take a look at this post:

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    Imagine being an adult and still buying into the six million fairytale.

    *btw I was phone poasting and thought I was commenting in /s/DebateAltRight. I understand most people don't want to discuss sacred cows like the "shoah", and I would (probably) have respected that had I realized what sub I was in.

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    Ellis Island has a crematorium and a delousing chamber (the US also used Zyklon B to delouse Mexicans on the southern border). Does that mean a genocide took place there? Oh wait, they don't have the shoes and hair. Because that's rock solid proof of a genocide.

    Everyone in Germany was starving toward the end of the war, and obviously that is going to include internees. Nobody denies that Jews were placed in camps, what they deny is that there was any sort of program of extermination. Witness testimonies are the least reliable form of evidence. There are no documents describing any extermination program - the Holocaust operates as a conspiracy theory, and the official story relies on Pizzagate-tier coded language. Nobody has found appreciable levels of cyanide residue in the supposed gas chambers, only in delousing chambers. And testimonies extracted through torture are of little value. The Holocaust narrative does not survive based on the sheer strength of the evidence, but instead relies on propaganda, social pressure, intimidation, and legal force.

    And there's a reason why Jews decided to place their ethnostate in a sea of Muslims - historically, they have gotten on much better with Muslims. They hate and/or fear Christians much more. The Jewish identity is fundamentally rooted in the rejection of Christ.

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    You're over-explaining. The single biggest glaring flaw is the herculean task of cremating 11 million bodies in 4 years- well over 1 billion pounds of biomass.

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    sort yourself out.

    fucked up shit happens in this world.

    there is no conspiracy. horror is real. sorry if that's less comfortable for you.

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    The fucked up shit is that people would be willing to lie about something like that.

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    You're right, actual horror is real enough that we shouldn't have to fabricate it out of whole cloth.

    The "Holocaust" is fictitious blood libel against the German people, and I won't stand for it.

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    I just don't get it

    cultural marxists (sabbatean frankist lurian jews) don't actually care about any minority group, they only care about exploiting them for power. now you know

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    Lefties are cowards. They only go for easy wins, attacking people that cannot, or won't fight back. They're too afraid of criticizing China.

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    Sorry, but I'm all out of fucks to give for those people. Whites in America are currently getting massacred in an anarcho-tyrannical one-sided race war. It was bad before, but now we're on the verge of complete genocide.

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    Trust me, I am same page as you. I am no fan of most Muslims that want Sharia law, are way too sensitive, aggressive, the list goes on. With that being said - I think putting another human into a camp to harvest their organs for their beliefs is evil.

    My point was that of course most redditors despise whites, they hate us. They hate Christians. But these are Muslims we're talking about so I thought they'd of jumped on board that it's evil. I guess they can't leverage it so they don't care.

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    But god forbid you blaspheme the Islamic culture and you're banned.

    There are plenty of subreddits which allow this ie /r/atheism, /r/exmuslim, they even allow subreddits which call for violence and rape against muslims ie /r/chodi, /r/SyrianCirclejerkWar, make jokes about raping and killing muslim girls, and don't even quarantine them.

    Reddit has done no actions against these subreddits, yet bans left leaning pro LGB subreddits which criticize transgender ideology. Before that, they would ban subreddits which criticize LGBT ideology, but absolutely nothing about subreddits which say vile things like that to muslims.

    People really overestimate how much the left sympathizes with muslims, As far as I can tell, it is a worse "crime" to the left, or at least reddit to say that "trans women are men", "gay sex is wrong", "marriage is only between a man and a woman" than to say that muslim women should be raped, and to supporting bombing muslim civilians in their houses and bombing their hospitals.

    To me it seems that the left is more concerned about converting muslims to their pro-LGBT ideology, they don't really care about muslims

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    You are right that protecting the sanctity of marriage is more right than protecting muslims (and thus more likely to earn the left's ire). Both islam and leftists see each other as tools. The Left (or islam: see the 3 sister prophets or its 2 possible conspiracy theories to explain away the Ressurection) doesn't claim to be for consistency.

    As far as your evidence, you've got a troll subreddit for Indians and a short reply in a foreign language. Although it should have been moderated away, that's exactly the kind of thing that will slip through the cracks. The third link is a bit more substantial. You've got a gay guy (pedo) who wants to have some girl's father as a sex slave. Although he doesn't back down from his gay/pedo stance, I find the whole thread a bit like bait. Do you really believe a seven year old has a twitter account in a war zone? Of course not; don't feed the (muslim) trolls. Most seven year olds are just starting to read.

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    Reddit mods do not remove all these posts. The r/China sub is literally just a circlejerk of people who hate the CCP. If reddit was pro-CCP that sub would only be allowed to have positive comments.

    the social justice "PUNCH A NAZI!" group of people turn a blind eye and censor any mention of it

    This is a complete lie, the social justice warriors on AgainstHateSubreddits campaigned to have MoreTankieChapo banned for being pro-CCP, and they succeeded (also that sub wasn't making fun of people dying). Now they are trying to get r/sino banned too. They don't seem to want any pro-CCP subs on reddit. The SJW's are on your side.

    The purpose of what China is doing is not organ harvesting. China is attempting to curb jihadism by re-educating muslims, as they have committed plenty of terror attacks and murders in the country:

    When muslims engaged in terrorism against America, 9/11, America's attempt to curb jihadism resulted in 208,000+ civilian deaths as a result of the Iraq war. Anyone who supports the U.S. government has no grounds to complain about how China is handling islamic terrorism.

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    But, but... Orange Man Bad

    case closed ;)

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    You mean "Re-education Camps".
    Reddit is clearly such a red-education camp.

    I don't know about China, because I have no personal experience with it.

    Personally I am more concerned about organ-harvesting, which may also happen in Syria by the White Helmets and "moderate extremists". Where do such organs go to? Who buys them, who imports them?
    And which hospitals use such harvested organs?

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    The answer is money. When the Chinese company TenCent invested $150 million into reddit, they clearly expected more than just capital returns.

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    Twitter is now blacklisting hashtags asking for support for the uyghurs.

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    China is by far the worst for human rights, just look at Tibet, hell Hong Kong

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    “We're doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That's what it is to be alive. It's pretty dense kids who haven't figured that out by the time they're ten.... Most kids can't afford to go to Harvard and be misinformed.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

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    Just goes to show all their nicey nicey politics are really just cover to promote their own interests.

    Muslims are pretty much at the top of their pyramid of oppression as well, but they obviously don't care about them at all. Not on any human level.

    They don't really care about any of the groups they cry about, they are just used as weapons to attack their enemies (who are often whole groups like the working classes, not the rich). That's all these people are good for to them and when these vulnerable groups aren't of any use to them they can just go get on the train.

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    Muslims are pretty much at the top of their pyramid of oppression as well

    No, I would rather say that LGBT are at the top, see here:

    Just think about it, criticizing and making fun of Islam and what not is not seen as hate speech and bigotry, but making fun of LGBT ideology and criticizing it is. You never see the left really celebrate the latter as freedom of speech, but they do the former.

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    Jews are on the top of the victim hierarchy.

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    This is why I said "pretty much at the top."

    Certainly when we had a trans vs Muslim show down in the UK, trans won with the left.

    However when it's Muslims vs gays the muslims tend to win, see support for Iran and Palestine.

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    I mentioned that before the recent purges, anti LGBT subreddits were banned, for example, /r/aganistgaymarriage, and /r/homophobes, which was actually rather mild and was a debate subreddit, whose moderator tried to appeal its quarantine. AHS kept on brigading these subreddits and I assume mass reported them, but the subreddits I mentioned which said vile rule breaking content against muslims were never even quarantined, let alone banned. If they were banning and quarantining subreddits like /r/exmuslim while allowing anti LGBT subreddits like /r/aganistgaymarriage, I would agree with you, but the opposite is true.

    Another thing is that in Britain, Muslims have protested against having their children being brainwashed with LGBT ideology in schools, and are unable to take out their children from LGBT lessons, and such LGBT lessons are being integrated into the curriculum. Are Islamic beliefs being enforced in children in these schools? Is the Islamic belief that homosexual sex is wrong being put in school while gay parents are objecting to it happening. It is obvious that LGBT ideology is of higher status than Islam and is being enforced to Muslim children that their parents are not allowed to object to.

    Here is another example that clearly shows that gays are higher than muslims according to the woke left:

    In the current war in Afghanistan, the US and its allies literally support homosexuals who rape boys against the Muslims who used to rule it, and according to them, the Taliban stopped these filthy people from raping boys, Even homosexuals who rape boys are of higher status to these type of people:

    “Like it or not, there was better rule of law under the Taliban,” said Dee Brillenburg Wurth, a child-protection expert at the U.N. mission in Afghanistan, who has sought to persuade the government to address the problem. “They saw it as a sin, and they stopped a lot of it.”

    The Afghan subculture of "bacha bazi" - pedophilic boy play - saw a resurgence across Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

    Just think about it, in Islam, homosexual relationships and gay sex are completely forbidden, while the woke left believes these things are fundamental human rights. Do you think they will put their own as lower status than their enemies?

    see support for Iran

    Where does Reddit support Iran? Considering that Iran supports a crazy non-muslim minority ruler in a rather one sided war against muslims which it is clear he is the one doing most of the killings and war crimes, wouldn't it be anti-Islamic to support Iran?

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    "Another thing is that in Britain, Muslims have protested against having their children being brainwashed with LGBT ideology in schools, and are unable to take out their children from LGBT lessons, and such LGBT lessons are being integrated into the curriculum. Are Islamic beliefs being enforced in children in these schools? Is the Islamic belief that homosexual sex is wrong being put in school while gay parents are objecting to it happening. It is obvious that LGBT ideology is of higher status than Islam and is being enforced to Muslim children that their parents are not allowed to object to."

    Yeah this was actually completely falsely reported in the MSM. This was very much trans against muslims and the press pretended the main problem was homophobia to cover up the fact the lessons were creating gender dysphoria in the girls at that school.

    [–]D0z 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    The discussion is still allowed on /r/China at least:

    [–]wristaction 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Don't care.

    [–]wuzizname 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Reddit is owned by Chinese communists and I bet a good portion of these super woke users you waste your time arguing with are Chinese bug men sitting in offices in shanghai. Nobody in the real world is that supportive of China.

    [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    china's doing the right thing, most religious people are nutty and their kids are brainwashed by their parents, its like a never ending circle, china put a stop to it, good for them

    [–]pwaully 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Worse thing is, even muslim countries are silent (except maybe for Turkey)

    China owns most of them now!

    [–]itsoktobewhite 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Its propaganda. They are just criminal prisoners being transported.

    [–]happysmash27 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    …Good point. Why aren't more people talking about this?

    I have seen only one mention of this on Reddit, in the relatively small subreddit /r/StallmanWasRight:, though it only documents forced labour and "re-education" (which is still absolutely horrifying), in the context of large companies who make abusive proprietary software and locked down hardware also indirectly supporting abuse of workers in China. It also documents forced searches of their phones, which I find hits particularly close to home, as an advocate for digital privacy and user control. I have not yet seen any article mention hair and organ harvesting from them on Reddit, though, but quickly looking it up, though, there are many articles about that too.

    We need to pay more attention to this. It is one of the most horrible human rights violations going on right now, yet has so little focus on it. We do have some power to change it though: boycott all companies that use the forced labour. Also, boycott China in general due to their hostile takeover in Hong Kong, and restrictions on freedom of movement, and censorship, and… well, EVERYTHING! China is one of the worst countries I know of, and it is very powerful too. Worst of all, many products can only be gotten from China. We need to do something about this! Please try to find non-Chinese alternatives to Chinese products in literally any other country, other than maybe North Korea (which is worse).