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Well done. I wish more folks would have the courage to analyze the situation like you have. I think there are instances of systemic racism that should be addressed (such as disparities in sentencing), but I agree with your premise: there is no epidemic of police brutality against blacks.

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I agree. I think the fact that White Americans are discriminated against via actual written law such as affirmative action and the Civil Rights Act needs to be addressed. Thanks for pointing out the actual laws on the books regarding systemic racism.

By the way, there is no real disparity in sentencing.

Unfair Sentencing Another common argument purporting to show that the justice system is racist states that Blacks get longer sentences than Whites even when they commit the same crimes. This is true, but is fully explained by factors other than racism. When a criminal is sentenced for a crime there are more relevant factors than the crime he just committed. Other variables, such as how he presents himself in the courtroom, and the likelihood that he will commit another crime in the future, also play a role. If we hold these things constant, we see that Blacks and Whites gen the same sentences for the same crimes. This was the finding of Beaver et al. 2013. In this study, researchers compared criminal’s sentencing time after controlling for their verbal IQ and their self reported history of violence. They found that holding these variables constant completely eliminated the racial cap in sentencing.

Beaver et al 2013:

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Whites and Asians. But definitely mostly whites when it comes to systemic and street-level persecution, as in anti-white ideology rising in media and academia and the violent crime against whites that's ignored and excused by the anti-whites.

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The weird thing is most of the uber wealthy are white still. My theory is theyre trying to break down "white" as a race and dismantle it back into race by nationality like italian, french, english, spanish etc etc. The more fragmented we are the easier it is to pit us even against ourselves and gain more control.

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It's just white on white class war. They want the poor to look different to them so they can pretend the poor are less human or are in their natural place. A poor white person disgusts them because they know that person is the same as them so there is no excuse for them being in a terrible situation, then they assume some moral failing in that person rather than a problem with society or just bad luck.

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but the clarity is lacking on once white people are the "bad guy" why all these people wont turn on them because theyre rich and white..... it doesnt make sense. the only thing that does is dismantling whiteness as a race. White in europe and even the US was much different 100 years ago. All the different white races looked at each other just as a white or black person would today. Irish and Italian...... NO INTER RACIAL MIXING!

Theyre trying to break that all down again, its the only thing I can see.

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Most of those uber rich white people are jewish.

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true to some degree

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I think if you were to see who it was that is pushing the anti white narrative it would be majority Jewish, by a huge margin.

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yeah they always get into court and swear at the judge and spit at the bailiffs

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I agree with your premise: there is no epidemic of police brutality against blacks.

The epidemic stems from the media coverage that is magnifying each instance, and have turned them into daily discussions on the evening news.

The owners of the MSM have manufactured the perception of a police epidemic.

Last year's epidemic was school shootings and the majority of them were staged police drills/exercises. Fake AF.

The black lives matter Movement CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC HOAX/PSYOP is the Largest Scale Mass Hysteria Incident in Modern History.

  • Global lockdown house arrest orders.
  • Global economies irreparably destroyed.
  • Global food production is under siege.
  • Digital global currency planned.
  • Tens of millions will die globally before the end (probably hundreds of millions). Suicides, drug abuse, starvation, resource wars, etc.
  • Global population monitoring implemented (openly admitted).
  • International borders closed.
  • Mandatory vaccinations pushed.
  • The list goes on, and on.

BLM is a trivial by comparison.
BLM is being leveraged as a distraction.

The SECOND largest mass scale hysteria incident was the 9/11 Muslim Terrorism False Flag
Millions of people died in numerous wars involving almost every western nation.

The media pushed BLM and police conflicts riots are nothing compared to the corona hoax, or 9/11.

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Where did all the "mussie" (that's what the ZioCons would say) terror attacks or school shootings go? Oh that's right, most of everything we hear and see from the media both right and left is a psyop.

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The SECOND largest mass scale hysteria incident was the 9/11 Muslim Terrorism False Flag

Nice try: ** The SECOND largest mass scale hysteria incident was the 9/11 ZioCon Terrorism False Flag

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Nice try: ** The SECOND largest mass scale hysteria incident was the 9/11 ZioCon Terrorism False Flag

Agreed. In fact, that's what I was trying to say.

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Even the sentencing thing isn't that simple. When you look at the individual cases the ones with more violence involved get longer sentences even though it's the same charges on paper. Same with why women seem to get lower sentences.

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I would say the whole gender ideology movement is pretty mass hysterical, and even bigger as it's global but who says there can only be one mass hysteria?

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It's almost as if these things are... the same thing!? We're dividing ourselves up according to social constructs.

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Wooo Critical Theory is gonna hurt like hell. Red states are looking better and better as places to move.

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Says the ethnic identitarian

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Who? I don't understand.

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This is the quality of content what I want to see on Saidit

Here is your gold

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Nice try, but quoting statistics is one of the hallmarks of white supremacy.


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Study from establishment university says.......Bullshit!

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Just maybe YOU are bullshit.

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That user wasn't suspended for that. He's posting as of 2 minutes ago:

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"Suspended by Reddit Admins for "Hate Speech" after linking study in r/freespeech that says most riots are caused by blm and saying cops don't target black people"

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That was posted 5 days before he even made the post that the OP copied and pasted.

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So you agree that reddit DID suspended the guy due to 'hate speech' for making some highly sourced and in depth posts?

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I don't agree, because that was never the claim. The claim was that he was suspended for the post in the OP, which is false. If you're going to claim something, make it true.

Are you playing dumb?

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maybe the suspension was just for a few days then was done

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The time between when it was posted and the time the OP claimed he was suspended was less than 24 hours, and the poster on Reddit was posting in that time.

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he's got that screen shot there showing it saying he was suspended but it's hard to read, can't tell how many days it says it's for

also maybe they reversed the suspension after he had complained and that thread got big

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he's got that screen shot there showing it saying he was suspended but it's hard to read, can't tell how many days it says it's for

So you can click his user account but you can't see that he made that post 5 days before he made the BLM post?

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not sure what that is supposed to mean but maybe it took em a while to suspend him or maybe they reversed the suspension. do you think he photoshopped that and never got suspenced? could be.

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maybe it took em a while to suspend him or maybe they reversed the suspension

He was suspended for something. He was unsuspended. He made the post the OP referred to. OP claimed he was suspended for that post, but it was actually a previous event that was finished before the post in question.

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isn't it still true. a suspension implies a finite thing. I am banned from reddit. Permanent. I can get a vpn and make a new name but feel no need now.

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You can't have an action taken against you for something you did in the future, as the OP claimed. Are you playing dumb?

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I see in the blurry screenshot that he got suspended for 'three days'

And then we can see from his posting history that he stopped posting for about 4 days after that point.

OP was unclear, but didn't specify which post got the guy suspended. actually he wrote 'posts' (plural) rather than 'post'.

I think its still important to know that Reddit's top level admins call citations with facts 'hate speech'. Whether it is this particular post or another post.

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I can believe it got him banned, besides just trolling he wrote a long thing full of facts and proof. Reddit admis surely won't like that. It's not against any rules but that never stopped them before. I think they usually allow trolls that make conservatives look bad, just ban the intellectuals that prove their ideology wrong.

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This is the most pathetic right wing drivel I've heard in a while.

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Not an argument, fag.

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Not nice to call names. Then again that's to be expected from Trumptards

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Good point but then ad hominem, lol.

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We hate Trump more than you do, nigger.

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Irrelevant, ad hominem.

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again with the childish name calling. Whats up your ass Trumptard?

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Good point, but then ad hominem.

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this is a big boy site it's ok to insult you

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Good point, but then ad hominem.

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typical braindead counter from a fucking moronic libtard. slink back to your reddit echochamber, loser.

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I'll save everyone the time and ask you to just find a job in the hood and see how black people behave. In America.

All of this drama could be ended by telling these idiots to comply with police officer commands and quit acting like fucking idiots. Also, the government should not allow gangsta rap shit to made. It's a BIG reason the protests are being fueled by so many idiots. When all these idiots hear is "FUCK DA COPS, I GETS MONEY SELLING DOPE, I LIVING DA GOOD LIFE", it reinforces that cops are bad and that being a criminal is ideal. It's brainwashing. Go overseas to countries where this shit isn't allowed, the mentality of people is SO MUCH BETTER. Because they're not indoctrinated to worship criminals.

What's going on in the US is a fiasco.

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It is a fact that law enforcement here in the US are militarized and the specific law enforcement that caused these protests and, of course, riots, were trained by the "wonderful" IDF. That alone is treason! We should have no foreign military train our domestic law enforcement, period. In fact, all dual-Israelis should be kicked out of government!

Before BLM was in the spotlight, their were many members who spoke out against militariazation of police and foreign military training of police.

Compared to other countries, our police kill far more people than say Germany, when we avg. the pop. Per capita. There is a problem and it is not just against black folks but also whites folks, as the statistics clearly show.

Now, there are riots; those thugs in inner cities doing terrible things—clearly the Lock-down instigated some of this anger. There is also agent provocateurs, probably Marxists and commies mixed in with BLM, corporate sponsorships, psyops, and even the GOP funding strategy of tension operations to discredit BLM or simply use the movement as a mainspring for political agendas. Same couod be said about the democrats.

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We're not even going to begin to discuss how many of those 1,000 people killed by cops each year are armed and dangerous (which is the majority of cases), or how many of them aren’t black (also the majority).

That's my big issue with BLM, they ignore other races issues with the police. It is bullshit, but they're perhaps useful idiots to encourage reform. Although, if they'd have made it an Everyone issue, they'd have more support. So maybe just racist idiots.

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Only violence I've experienced was after a black race rally on a college campus, perpetrators where two black males.

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fuck George Floyd

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Ain't been on this site in a minute. Looks like MAGA has corrupted this too. Sad.

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4 more years, all due to these dumb riots pissing us off.