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I think that Youtube should not be covering up a crime.

(update: It is restricted, but not removed or completely blocked)

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I literally watched the so called censored video on YouTube (wow you had to press "I understand" to watch the video, such censor). Saw no new footage, just old footage put together.

Imagine making a 24 minute long video raging that YouTube is censoring new footage when there was no new footage and it isn't censored lmao.

Almost all videos on YouTube showing people being shot to death has this button.

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wow you had to press "I understand" to watch the video, such censor

You can only see that option if you're logged in and verified. This is a new kind of restriction.

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Ok, fair enough. I just know it's being applied automatically to more content now, so that might be what's new. That linked video probably should be 18+ anyway. I wouldn't call it censorship in this case either.

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lmfao...defending himself. He shouldn't have been there to begin with.

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The rioters shouldn't have been there either. It's a bad situation all around.

Here's the video, you don't need to listen to Tim Pool to decide for yourself.

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Thanks for posting the original (only partially blocked) video.
So it is not fully censored.

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Antifa should have been put in prison directly for threatening the properties and lives of civilians.

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    He had no reason to be in another state with a weapon.

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      He lives in another state. He had no reason to be there. Does he own part of the company he works for? Did he get paid for being there to protect his employer? Spin it all you want. If had never shown up, that wouldn't have happened. What happened to the gun he had? Was it one of the guns confiscated when he was arrested? Googled it but couldn't find anything.

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      He's listed as living in Antioch, IL and Kenosha, WI is within 30 minutes away. I don't know the area, but it's likely he was connected to Kenosha, since that's the larger population center in the area.

      If he was a lifeguard there, and earlier photos show him cleaning up graffiti in Kenosha, he would certainly be justified in wanting to protect his own community. That he came there from out of state might be technically true, but is also misleading.

      It doesn't matter who owns what when the destruction is indiscriminate like that. Normal people don't want to see their whole town destroyed and I think it's really sad that because of these activist demands they have police standing down which means regular people without official authority are left to do the protection & policing. It's messed up.

      If you watch the video, he tried to flag down the police and turn himself in immediately after he got away from the mob attacking him but the police weren't interested in him with everything else going on. He turned himself in at the station the next day, so I would assume the police have his rifle as evidence since he must have taken it home himself.

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      He did not turn himself in. Stop trying to turn the little murderer into a hero.

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      I did not call him a hero. He wasn't trying to be one. He was running away from the mob towards the police. It sucks that two people are dead, but it's not his fault when they fired at him while cornering him and then stomped him on the ground, hitting him with a skateboard and trying to grab his rifle. I feel sorry for the whole situation.

      Ok, you might be right about the arrest. I'll admit that I don't know where he surrendered himself—but he did so as soon as he could. This was the next morning's news:

      Although he walked up to officers with hands raised after the shootings, police did not stop Rittenhouse or question him and he returned home to Antioch before surrendering to police.

      Although the records would be releasable if he were charged with homicide, in Illinois, he is only charged with being a fugitive from justice.

      I really don't think this "fugitive" charge will stick:

      1. He tried to stay with the first attacker that he shot, there's video of him there phoning 911 before getting chased off. There would not have been a second or third shooting had the mob not tried to take him with guns of their own.
      2. He tried to surrender himself to police at the scene. There's video of him trying to approach the police with his hands raised, and the crowd shouting "he shot someone"
      3. With everything escalating and a mob after him, then the police just telling him to get back, his only option was to leave the scene.
      4. He was in custody the next morning, early enough to print the morning paper, so it's not like he was hiding from justice.

      In any case, it sounds like you did not watch the video showing all this.

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        No matter what you say, he had no business being there armed. He was looking for trouble. Who made it his job to defend businesses? Was he deputized?

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          expertise? He's a punk and he deserves what he gets.

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          Kyle dindu nuffin and is a international hero!

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          He worked there. Thats a valid reason, if ever there is one.

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          What about the weapon? There is never a valid reason for a 17yr old to be walking in public with a rifle.

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          He obviously needed it to protect himself from the violent rioters. He was literally attacked for putting out their fires.

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          If he didn't go there, he wouldn't have needed a weapon. 17 yr olds are obviously so good at making choices.

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          He was putting out fires and had every right to be there. And he had every right to defend himself.

          You are blaming the victim. Your logic is exactly the same as saying the 15 year old girl shouldn't have gone to the college party so it's her fault she got raped.

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 keep making excuses. First he was helping the injured, now he was putting out fires. Since when do either of those jobs require you to carry a rifle? Blaming the victim? That's some projection. He's far from a victim. I forgot the right likes to play the victim.

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          You are fucking retarded and keep repeating the same bullshit.

          The right likes to play victim?! You are clearly a troll. Go fuck yourself you absolute piece of shit.

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          He was seen cleaning up the city which more then I can say for the piece of shit Antifa child molesters he so graciously rid the world of.

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          Not even his city. Hope he gets life without parole. Then every night for the rest of his life he can think about it.

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          He won’t, this is a clear case of self defense.

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          Clear as mud.

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          I keep hearing this argument but it's stupid as fuck. He had every right to be there and every right to defend himself. The rioters on the other hand were actually breaking the law.

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          What gave him the right to be there? Is he an EMT? You all keep trying to make him a hero but the point is he put himself into that situation with a loaded weapon, knowing there was a chance of violence.

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          Freedom of movement, you absolute retard. It's literally a constitutionally protected right. So is the right to self defense. So is the right to bear arms.

          We are not obligated to run away from terrorists and let them burn everything down.

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          Because, he "has" to be the hero. They scripted it this way from his life guard and volunteer activities to casting who he shot as criminals.

          You wouldn't even hear about this on msm if it were real, especially nothing in depth.

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          I think death and taxes will come before a Tim Pool video without random words in all-caps.

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          It was on the liveleak compilation. If his lawyer has it, that's all that matters.