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PsyOp within a Psyop. Boston Bombing was a hyperactive drill.

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Also, Biden touching women isn’t news! Save the space for other psyops!

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It's how he gets most of his energy. He prefers sniffing the life force out of women. The younger, the better. ˢʰᵉᵉᵉᵉᶦᵗ

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last night i touched myself, and i felt very comfortable.

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Are you Joe Biden?

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BIDEN 2020

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Did they have extra budgeted hours leftover or is this how they try and keep validating old hoaxes by bringing them up again, kinda like the recent story on the Parkland hoax or the White Settlement hoax?

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Perception management tactics: Schema....

Def. Brining up past propaganda and Psyops to validate current propganda and PsyOps in order to propagandize Straussian noble lies forever.

According to the Straussian neoconservative doctrine: Democracy can only be maintained, for it is mob rule, by creating an enemy, one that is both insurmountably omnipotent but easy enough to destroy through force and public unification. If an enemy does not exist, such as after the fall of
the Berlin wall, than one has to be manufactured for public consumption. In this case, Al Qaeda and global terrorism or the "war on an invisible enemy", which of course is this virus.

They will always think of new enemies and they will manufacture events to do it. 9/11, the Boston Bombing, te various laughably fake shootings that have occures after 2012, when thy signed into law the Smith-Mundt Mosernization Act of 2012.

If anything else, it is to keep the public in fear, wanting more security.

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Yeah, but at least with new ones you get exhausted and quit researching to see whether its fake or not. I swear they got super sloppy, though.

Some of the ones in the past couple years didn't take hardly any research at all to realize it was fake or at least "not quite right", like vegas, Times Up train, sutherland church shooting, some terrorist driver in ny where the victims coincidentally wore tshirts with libre printed on them (supposedly they had a reunion).

Like, come on. It's taking less critical thinking to spot this crap.

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Like, come on. It's taking less critical thinking to spot this crap

Agreed, but only if you know to look. Most people are so captured by the propaganda that they won't see the evidence.

They could see, if they had any flexibility in the prison if their mind; but they won't.

"Television programing" in the literal sense.

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But thats the thing too. People do watch tv and see how lame the plots are, so how can they not link that with the bullshit b movie crap they're trying to pass off as real? Like, even idiots should be able to parse this shit out.

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so how can they not link that with the bullshit b movie crap they're trying to pass off as real?

I think it's akin to confirmation bias. They've seen it on tv and seen how the actors reacted.
The hammy acting response is internalized.

This is literally a form of mind control.

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Yup, it is endless, they were at a point where DHS was workign with state police departments to conduct PsyOps every week. One after the other, and put them on TV. They did so many at one point, that it became so ridiculous. They really were not even trying.

Norman Casiano shot 4 times, doing interviews the next day. A wekk later takes off shirt to do facebook live singing video, has zero wounds.

They don't care, because they KNOW how stupid people are.

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Politics is built on the schema of PsyOps and fake events.

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Shocker, there's lots of videos of Biden making women uncomfortable. It's funny how Trump interests are making alll this propaganda lately, especially this one considering how Trump ain't exactly a guy women feel comfortable around either.

Maybe like cops, politicians should be required to wear body cams lol.

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I'm be for that. To be fair though, Trump only wants to bang the supermodels. So if you're a supermodel, then yeah, watch him closely. Otherwise you're probably free to be nice and comfortable; he is the most scrutinized man on the planet.

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Would he be Biden if he didn't?