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Bahaha...oh mercy!

I'd say nice try but, you know...transparent bullshit, etc....pretty pathetic post really.


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You can tell by the shitty replies in this thread that you really hit a nerve!

100% correct too.

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Nah, Zionists commit treason.

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    it's not a race, it's a religion, there are multiple ethnic groups within the jewish religious group, the majority I believe is Ashkenazi who originate from central Europe. There are also Beta Israel Ethiopian Jews and the original Hasidic Isrealites from modern day Palestine.

    Norman Finkelstein is a Jewish man who is very critical of Israel and David Cole is a Jew who questions the official narrative of the holocaust. Mordechai Vanunu (an Israeli) exposed Israel's secret nuclear weapons program. Are you really hating on these Jews? What about Ben Shapiro, Matt Stone or Stanley Kubrick? What about the average Jew who lives and works among you? What about the person who is half Ashkenazi and half European?

    Your attitude is truly misguided and if by 'we hate Jews' you mean 'we hate some Jews' then say that because you have to be a bit socially isolated and inexperienced, to put it politely, to truly hate a group of people based on some arbitrary ethnic or religious group identity.

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      No, your parasite race is doing those things.

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      "Euro-Christian" ?? Is that another name for Freemasons?

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      He's just using it to talk about White Christians.

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      Freemasons and Mormons are noahides don't ya know!

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      Good troll, but imo it's a little too 'busy'.

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      trying to find the correct name for 'them' who control the world and who are responsible for all of the world's evils is an endless treadmill... the jews, the chinese, the marxists, the freemasons, the illuminati, the elite, the cia, the industrial capitalists, satanists, aryans, white supremacists etc. The truth is if there is a grand global conspiracy then they likely infiltrate any group that has influence and wear different masks at different times in history. It's better to point the finger at individuals than to decide "it's the x". Deciding that it is one particular group leads to a kind of tribalistic hunt the enemy mentality that always leads to innocent bloodshed.

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      I see what you mean. Can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Liberals are so sure the evil people are 'whites' that's almost like, well, I guess you have to pick some group to generalize about and vilify or else you'll be left behind. Focus on individuals really does seem so 10 years ago now.

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      Nobody, at least not me, hates the Jews.

      Jews fell under Bolshevik steamroller just as Christians did. Many Jews also became commissars of the Bolsheviki government.

      The Left hates the Jews because they're fascist Zionists. The Right hates the Jews because they're radical Marxists. Meanwhile the Chinese and the Euro-Christians are competing to see who can destroy the world quicker.

      Zionism is a spiritual aspiration for a homeland for Jews. Honestly, if Zionists worked with the territorialists to pick a homeland that WASN'T occupied already, Zionism would not have been seen in such a bad light. But Israel was founded by the sword.