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Tax cuts are a much better strategy for economic growth than money printing. Let me keep more of the money I earn, rather than devaluing our money through inflation. If I'm not mistaken total COVID spending added something like $50k to the national debt per American, has anyone seen benefits anywhere near that? We're all paying the cost through increased cost of food, housing and other necessities though.

Not defending Trump's economic policies though, he was a protectionist and increased the national debt in his one term about as much as Obama did in two.

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some day those tax cuts for the rich will trickle down

any day now, maybe when trump locks her up

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You remember the day after the 2016 election when Trump stated to the press on video that "Hillary is my good friend, and no one is getting arrested"?

It's funny how people keep trying to portray Trump as a conservative, or someone on the right. That whole meme was designed to convince the low IQ right that Trump was on their side. The funny thing is, it worked on the left too.

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If that's the case than why is out infrastructure falling apart and outdated, our electrical grid is inefficient and in capable of handling todays demand, our science programs are shit and so is our education sector as well? You would think that 30 years of Regan decreasing tax revenue which is on top of all the tax breaks the super rich receive from the Republicans would be now "trickle down" back into the economy. It's almost as if these super rich people are hording their money as opposed to spending it.

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I mean, it's pretty par for the course at this point. The Republicans have been the party of "socialism for Congress and billionaires, feudalism for everyone else" for at least three decades now.

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Do you have a source for this? Quotes, maybe, at least?

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it's up in the news i don't really feel like doing all that

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Popper is obviously an economic illiterate. Like most Democrats.