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False clickbait headline: "a Mississippi law that prohibits abortions from being performed after 15 weeks of a pregnancy."

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False shill response. The rest of the article reads:

"In Dobbs, MS Health Officer, et al. v Jackson Women’s Health, et al., the high court granted a petition to hear one specific question asking the justices to reexamine the viability standard used in three cases: Roe v. Wade in 1973, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey in 1992, and Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt in 2016."

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The viability standard is why Roe v. Wade allowed abortion. Remove viability as the standard and there's no reason to stop bans on abortions.

Here's a well-researched article on Roe v. Wade:

Here's a key section of Roe that people, for some strange reason, don't know even exists: Roe "mandates that abortion be legal after 'viability' when needed to protect 'the health of the mother.' Viability, or the stage of development where humans are capable of living outside the womb with medical care, begins around 22 weeks gestation and extends to birth."

So, essentially, if this new ruling strikes out viability as a means for abortion, then Roe v. Wade is rendered useless.

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This is one outcome that's being interpreted as a result of this case.

The people saying this apparently aren't aware that judges did more to give biden the election week almost more than Donald Trump did. They gave baseless FISA warrants to the political underground to destroy their enemies without restraint. They've bolstered their own authority even recently by ruling that you can take someone else's firearms, so long as someone in a black robe gives approval.

And maybe if this is the point when someone tells the people of the USA that you shouldn't throw your kids to molech. My guess is since molech doesn't listen any longer, they'll just have to give their children an experimental vaccine and pray to Cōātlīcue that the earth gives them a good harvest and more children to bring to her in the future.

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