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USA is a country of immigrants.



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Yet those immigrants are responsible for more than half the crimes in this country. Yay diversity!

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He is talking about the founding of America.

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Yeah, I know. But he fails to realize damn near every immigrant that comes here these days is A: funded by the government through your taxes and B: either black, Hispanic or Muslim.

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Today's refugees are tomorrow's cheap labor.



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I'm talking about America in general. From the forming of the original 13 colonies to this day. It was immigrant Jewish scientists that helped America develop the nuclear bomb before Nazi Germany.



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How peaceful. /s

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Nukes made the world a more peaceful place. That's why there has not been another world war in Europe in over 75 years.



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Peak shitposting hours.

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Speaking from experience?



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I'll give you 6 million guesses as to why I'm not surprised that someone like you would say something like that.

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Hitler killed 10 million people in the holocaust. Don't be a bigot, Jews weren't the only ones killed.



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And yet we only hear about the 6 million Jews. Lol at you believing the holohoax was real. Red cross said an estimated 100,000 died and found zero evidence of those shower rooms...I mean "gas chambers".

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And yet we only hear about the 6 million Jews.

Stop lying.

Lol at you believing the holohoax was real.

Lemme guess, "the holocaust never happened, but if it did, it did not go far enough"?

Red cross said an estimated 100,000 died and found zero evidence of those shower rooms.

That's sad, you cant even remember the misinformation from your white supremacist memes correctly.


What was claimed: Official International Red Cross records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death during World War II toll was 271,301.


Our verdict: Incorrect. The documents managed by the International Committee of the Red Cross only recorded a fraction of the Holocaust death count. They do not in any way dispute the official death toll of six million.


An anti-Semitic viral article posted on Facebook claimed that Red Cross documentation showed 271,000 people died in Nazi concentration camps, rather than the widely accepted figure of around six million.

In fact the documentation from 1979 shows the number of death certificates that had been issued for prisoners in 13 Nazi concentration camps. The number of death certificates represents only a fraction of the total death toll for various reasons.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told us: “The ICRC accepts the Holocaust as fact and does not dispute in any way the official number of lives that were lost.”


Where do the figures come from?


The ITS told us that the number of death certificates are “anything but comprehensive” as a measure of the total death count during the Holocaust.


These death certificates can only be issued when there is documentation detailing how individual victims died. This is rarely available for a number of reasons.


Firstly, records were not necessarily kept for each prisoner. The ICRC told us: “Those who were sent straight to their deaths at concentration camps were not registered at all.”


Also camps were not the only place of Nazi mass murder during the war. Many were shot by Nazi mobile SS and police units.


Secondly, where camp records were initially kept, much was destroyed in the lead up to liberation at the end of the war, in order to cover up proof of the crimes committed.


Where records still exist, the death certificates issued by the Special Registry Office only relate to a small number of camps. The 1979 document lists 13 camps. The ITS told us there were “well over 1,200” sites of imprisonment and murder throughout Nazi Europe.


Gee, too bad the meme made no mention about there being well over 1,200 concentration camps throughout Europe.

For these and other reasons, the number of death certificates issued in no way resembles the total number of people murdered in the Holocaust.




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Oh look you're talking about fictional documents from the 70s when the holohoax was created in Hollywood. I'm talking about 1945 when the red cross did their investigation. Of course they accept that the holohoax was real because if they didn't they'd be labeled antisemitic lol. You can't even prove the gas chamber lie because it was manufactured so poorly. That's why the jews moved onto "they burned the jews in ovens which was also proven false especially with the ridiculous 6 million number it wouldn't have been possible. Then you have all those interviews they removed from most websites where you have jews talking about the soccer games, concerts and other activities at those fake "concentration camps" or "death camps". If I can find the video again I'll be sure to give you a link that exposes the lie that is Auschwitz and the bullshit gas chambers aka bathrooms and shower rooms.

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Prison industrial complex is a great way to make money.



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And natives.

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They turned a tropical paradise into a shithole so now they want to start over here.

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They said fuck that new president