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Kanye/Minaj 2024

Would be better than any other possible candidates

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This shit is so cringe. Stop acting like Nicki is some fucking hero, she's probably going to cuck in the end.

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    Republicans and conservatives are so retarded they worship Israel and pedophile rapists and child sex traffickers. Start following Christ and stop putting your worship into a for-profit corproation.

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      No, because US corp has no control in my jurisdiction.

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      Gaetz is a pedophile and he loves Israel.

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      This news story is stupid as hell. It's literally just a short tweet, and likely a joke.

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      Cringy perception management PsyOp by a Zionist Jew and a degenerate whose husband is a pedophile. But suchlike staging an event to dehumanize Palestinians, it is certainly kosher for Zionist Jew ‘comedians’ Howard Stern or Bill Maher for that matter, to exclaim that we need to eradicate Islam and bomb Palestine, or in Stern's view,"drop a nuclear bomb on those animals," but mention a small group of criminal supremacist Zionists tied to 9/11 and other crimes in the US, who have single loyalty to apartheid Israel, and good luck keeping your cubical job. Maher did his little shtick on HBO grumbling about how awful Islam is and that “[Jews now] defend themselves better.” Yes, Maher, like defending Republican Matt Gaetz and trying to downplay the child sex trafficking and political blackmail operation he is caught up in? Oh, right, because the child sex trafficking and political blackmail operation that Matt Gaetz is caught up in was run by Joel Greenberg, a Zionist Jew working with the intelligence agencies of the foreign state of Israel.

      Which – surprise surprise – is just what Bill Maher is doing, because like Joel Greenberg, Bill Maher is a Zionist Jew and he is working with foreign intelligence agencies.

      In fact, Bill Maher is such a Zionist Jew he has said on numerous occasions, “I’m a big supporter of Israel” and has spent 20 years attacking Christians and Muslims, especially those that don’t support Israel. He even made a movie viciously mocking Christians and Muslims and defending Israel and “secular” Zionist Jews like him.

      You see, Bill Maher is a “secular Jew” which means he supports Jewish Supremacy and racism against “goyim” but he doesn’t believe in God or following any weird religious rules like no eating delicious bacon, even though he’s still fine with child genital mutilation, apparently. You see, his religious traditions aren’t as “religiulous” as other people’s, a common Jewish attitude.

      No, Bill Maher’s Judaism is simply a racist hatred for “goyim” – meaning, English people, Scottish people, the Welsh, the Irish, the Dutch, the Germans, the Poles, the Italians, Russians, Swedes, Nords, Finns, Balts, the Spanish, the French, the Greeks, the Turks, Syrians, Arabs, Persians, and most of all, his “fellow” Americans. So when his fellow Mossad operative working with the apartheid state in Palestine, Joel Greenberg, gets caught, of course Maher is going to defend him, going so far as to even defend a hated Republican, Matt Gaetz.

      But when another Republican, Matt Gaetz, is literally caught attending cocaine and MDMA parties where underage teenage white girls are passed around and sexually assaulted by the top levels of the Florida Republican party and videotaped by Israeli Mossad agents to use as blackmail material all of a sudden Bill Maher is saying, “hey it’s no big deal what Matt Gaetz the Trump supporting Republican is doing, those shiksas really wanted it! Loosen up you Christian prudes!”

      Are we starting to see a pattern here?

      Jonathan Stewart Liebowitz, nom de Zionist “Jon Stewart,” was a terrible stand up comic. Before he took over the Daily Show, he entire set was nothing but “political” jokes about how Democrats are great and Republicans and stupid Christian hicks from the South who don’t even listen to NPR all suck. It was terrible, so terrible in fact that the typical audience for this sorty of thing, 30 year old unmarried urban Jewish females on SSRIs with HPV, didn’t even laugh.

      Jon Stewart only got popular when he was reading a script written by professional writers during brief on camera segments, and of course his shameless and disgusting exhibitionism on September 11, 2001, when he successfully leveraged all of those dead “goyim” to restart his failing TV career.

      I can’t think of a more odious Jew than Jonathan Stewart Liebowitz. Liebowitz is the kind of Jew who could single-handedly turn a total normal personal into a literal, goose-stepping Nazi fan of Adolph Hitler.

      Except for maybe Bill Maher. There is a difference, Maher can do a decent stand up set and did so successfully for a while until he got his terrible show, Politically Incorrect, which is the second most politically correct show on TV, next only to the The View, which is basically the exact same as Bill Maher except no wee-wee jokes.

      Back in the day Bill Maher made a movie “Religulous” where he spends two hours mocking and spewing hatred for Christians and Muslims, but of course that doesn’t mean he’s not a strong supporter of Israel. A totalitarian apartheid state based on religious fundamentalism is perfectly fine with Bill Maher, because they are Jews, like him, Bill Maher, who is a Jew.

      But it’s terrible when Christians and Muslims do what Jews do, because Christians and Muslims are just goyim – racists – thus don’t have the same rights and privileges that Jews do, under Bill Maher’s ideal political system, which is called Jewish Supremacy or more simply, Zionism.

      Now guess who the Republicans are going to run for President? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Zionist and a “big supporter of Israel.”

      Is Ron DeSantis on video at one of Joel Greenberg’s Cocaine and Ecstacy-Fueled sex orgies raping drugged and trafficked underage girls – children – like Matt Gaetz?

      It’s best to assume that 100% of Republicans are compromised by Jewish organized crime in this and similar ways. It’s also quite obvious that the Democrats – a political party completely, 100% run by Zionist Jews – are directly involved in running this operation against “their own party” as well as the GOP. Just take a look at Joe Biden’s cabinet.

      Of course no one would know anything about any of these sex scandals because our “mainstream media” – which is virtually 100% controlled by Zionist Jews that are directly working with the foreign state of Israel – only cover them when they want to take down a politician.

      Imagine the gross and embarassing things they have Lindsey Graham on video doing. But you will never see a Lindsey Graham sex scandal, because Graham is 100% obedient to his Zionist Jew bosses.

      This is what we mean when we talk about a “Zionist-Occupied Government.”

      By they way, any Jews out there who are not collaborating with Jewish organized crime and engaging in espionage against the United States?

      Now would be a good time for the “moderate Jews” to stand up and denounce their “fellow Jews” who are involved in these criminal and treasonous activities.

      If we don’t hear any “moderate Jews” we can assume there are none. Silence Is Complicity.

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      My balls swell with admiration for this lady.

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        If you're braindead, yes.

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        Moo or Oink. I can't deciide if she is a cow or a pig.

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        They can’t lose.