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I decided to make my comment into an article! I found even more information today that yall might find interesting, including news that Hoogland was freed on bail awaiting appeal on November first.

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If a judge with an agenda gets ahold of you then you are fucked. If that ever happens to you get out of that judge's jusridiction at your first opportunity.

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I live in the United States, so the First Amendment protects me from this kind of crap. Worst case scenario: my website gets blocked in Canada — which I definitely considered the possibility of before publishing this article, but it won't stop me.

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He should file a human rights complaint to the UN for crule and unjustified punishment. All he can hope to do is draw as much attention to this as possible in an attempt to have the judge removed from the bench.

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The UN doesn't even stand up against the UK's wide-spread, totalitarian censorship, so I doubt they'd intervene here. Even if they did: the Canadian government can, and probably will, just ignore them.

Communist-occupied China is a permanent member of the security council, so it's obvious that the UN's purpose ain't to promote freedom. They literally took that seat from the Republic of China, the real China, to appease some illegitimate, totalitarian dictatorship.

The US should withdraw from the UN and start issuing embargoes against countries that violate human rights.

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I completely agree with everything you said about the UN.

My hope is about drawing attention to this case first and foremost. I belive the average person would still side with the father and its a very vocal minority that makes it seam this situation is reasonable and or acceptable.

The problem is getting the average person to invest time in this case, to read and consider the facts. A human rights complaint is hard to ignore (but not impossible) and a big headline that might just grab the attention of an average Joe.

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Yeah, it's more about winning over the People than winning over the elite.