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Do you want people to refuse to be jurors on high profile cases because this is how you get people to refuse to be jurors on high profile cases.

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That and you also get a pool of people who don't avoid serving because they already have a verdict in mind and possibly are willing to skew their answers in vior dire to get on the panel.

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I reckon so.

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It's almost as if the criminal justice system is fake and gay?

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Answer is , imagine how bad was Derek Chauvin's trial and multiplity by 100.

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It's not nearly that bad. The Chauvin trial was a travesty of justice, convicting an innocent man of the death of an overdosing drug victim.

The politics surrounding the Rittenhouse trial was just as theatrical, but at least the jury wasn't cowed or harassed into ruling how the media wanted them to.

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I'm so happy for the acquittal, it is a ray of hope in all the subversion of progressive legal activism. That kid is a national hero in more ways than one.

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The most likely scenario is that the FBI drone was following kyle because they were party to the attempted attack on him. All 3 shot were Jewish antifa. Antifa enjoy a lot of benefits in media coverage and immunity from prosecution for thier many crimes. They are by any rational definition domestic terrorists. The FBI has a long history of bias in favor of jews, and thier shills. Thier treatment of antifa indicates that they work hand in hand.

It all comes down to the fact that we have a lot of jews in many positions of power working together, protecting each other, and exacting revenge on those who go against them. The FBI is corrupted by them. The DNC is corrupted by them. The media is controlled by them.

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my sweet little anarchists had better be behaving themselves