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Why do these guys sabotage their chances at election. I mean really? Nobody is going to vote for his ass and even if they did he can't do that anyway.

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I guess dems know they can't win in texas, but they may as well run someone, and this guy can at least get donations from rubes.

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This is a repeated comment from yours truly = "and who does government send to come take away guns from men? Men with guns and who are those?" Will local cops do this? And how? Kicking in doors? Country/State cops and same question how? Feds? Who does pencil dick think he is going to send who will agree? Some of LE would be glad to do this as there are always bad cops but majority will not then what? For my home anyone comes to take away my guns will have to advance and enter through a barrage of bullets and yes I know LE has lots more bullets than I do. I'd rather die prone firing or on my feet than kneel disarmed as a subject of the crown. But then pencil dick beto likely has zero friends like me.

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cops will follow orders unfortunately