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In order to remain consistent with their attack on Whoopi, the ADL has adjusted their definition of "racism".

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So they changed it back to what it was pre-George Floyd BLM riots? The actual correct definition?

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Flicksener 5 insightful - 2 fun - 15 hours ago So they changed it back to what it was pre-George Floyd BLM riots? The actual correct definition?

Yes. They changed it to "Only white people can be racist" and then Blob Marley demonstrated just how retarded you can be when you use that definition of racism so they changed it back. Blob Marley is still retarded though because her brain didnt work too good before hand anyway.

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We all love the jews here.

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Most Jews are just bad people.

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So just like everyone else then.

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I dont feel anything about jews.

I do however feel a high level of disgust about people who are obsessed with jews. They are on the same disgust level as pedophiles for me.

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Obsessed how?

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Sounds like you accuse people of obsession as an ad hominem whenever some disparages jews. That is pathetic. Do better.

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don't bother with this kid

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Maybe you should adhere to the pyramid.

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        So... about Jews... I think they're impressive. I don't like approaches to a Jewish ethnostate, however.

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        We all should.

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        Israel quietly orchestrated the migrant flood out of middle east to Europe. What chutzpah! Banish your neighbor enemies to the land of your ancient enemies. Win-Win!.

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        Weaponized immigration is the latest thing in state sanctioned cold warfare.

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        Smart people. And collaborateurs. :(

        No guts, no spine.

        They just wanna spin things their way which happened way to often in the last seven decades.

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        I have Jewish family. I have been around Jewish children. I work with Jewish people.

        I’m not sure how I feel about Jews, other than, white culture should remain a fixture of American culture.

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        Do they regularly spread anti white propaganda in front of you, or directly to you? For example decrying how racist/homophobic/bigoted white people are. Or making claims about white people oppressing non white people. Or claiming that white success is the result of privilege.

        If so, how do you think they would react if you said something disparaging about jews to them?

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        My brother, who is Jewish, is republican.

        Yes, one of the Jewish women I work with has a black child and is very extreme liberal. No thought what so ever. I think that has more to do with making bad life choices and not being able to face them.

        I don’t know much about the kids. I’m a guy and I don’t talk to the kids because I don’t want to be perceived as a weirdo.

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        I don’t talk to the kids because I don’t want to be perceived as a weirdo.

        Hah, feel ya. Although also kids kind of annoy me. I like em just fine but it's more of a be seen and not heard thing.

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          They're evil and retarded.

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          I saw a sign online that said "r word = n word," as I was like fuck those dudes, I love the word retarded. But they weren't talking about retard, it was about redskins. Which apparently the injuns don't mind but the white guilt crowd does.

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          Retard is something you should refrain from saying in public, it's a very hurtful word for the mentally disabled, and they're around you more than you probably realize.

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          they're around you more than you probably realize.

          Oh no, sweetie, I know I am absolutely surrounded.

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          Okay, ha ha, but I'm talking about the retards who can mostly or sometimes pass as normal people but have endured a lifetime of suffering and being "different," not being able to live independently, etc. They just might be behind you in line at the supermarket when you say the word retard, that's all.

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          Nearly everyone seems kinda dumb to me. I think it is total arrogance that y'all make such a distinction between 80 and 100 IQ.

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          Trust me, they mind.

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          Are you a Native American?

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          No but I live around them, know a lot of them, been very close with a few, have gone to their festivals, and have spent a lot of time with big families of them.

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          I haven't met one I haven't liked, but people keep warning me about them. I'm starting to think many of you all are just morons. If you want to know where the woke politics came from, it's not the Jews, it's the UK. Fuck the Brits.

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          What are some of the warnings?

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          Depends which sect we're talking about. Some of them are typical humans, some of them are strange, and I love the one Jesus started.

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          I have a hard time seeing how Jews as a group aren't pretty much the same as white supremacists but with a liberal agenda.

          But you can't judge individuals for that. Jewish strippers aren't bulldozing Palestinians or promoting transgenderism. Well, maybe the last one.

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          The Jewish establishment and Talmudic Jews adhering to it seem like a perfectly designed pathogen of advanced European society.

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          Since you ask in /s/politics I guess you mean in a political sense. Since the jews have a thing for saying what political parties are allowed to join the elections and what politicians are allowed to be on media in countries where they should have no saying, it's obvious that they are not very likeable.

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          asterias 3 insightful - 1 fun - 8 hours ago Since you ask in /s/politics I guess you mean in a political sense. Since the jews have a thing for saying what political parties are allowed to join the elections and what politicians are allowed to be on media in countries where they should have no saying, it's obvious that they are not very likeable.

          Haredi are not allowed to vote because they only recognize the authority of השם‎ and dont recognise any terrestrial authorities. Do you include them with the other Jews? I think they're like the Amish.

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          How do they feel about other jews interfering with what people in other countries can vote?

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          asterias 2 insightful - 1 fun - 2 minutes ago How do they feel about other jews interfering with what people in other countries can vote?

          From a Haredi point of view: That is against Gods law and is wrong. It is directly interfering with Gods plan.

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          Jews have used thier intelligence and nepotism to capture the reigns of power. I don't blame them for that, I think every group would if they could.

          But they do a lot of extremely evil and destructive things with that power. By the shear about of harm done they are as a group the worst by several orders of magnitude. That gap of evil between them and everyone else can not be overstated.

          I don't judge individuals by thier group identities, so don't conflate this with that. That your local deli owner didn't participate in all of that evil does not in any way obsolve the Jewish people from responsibility. It certainly is no argument against calling out the crimes, lies, and subversions of the Jewish people.

          It is only by way of state school indoctrination that everyone is so averse to hearing and discussing Jewish crimes, while at the same time openly attacking whites with every manner of slander.

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          I have kind of a low opinion of them.

          Thing is, it's not uncommon to run into people who don't even quite know what a jew is. I mean moreso than they'd be familiar with who the Portugese or Druze are. It's just a word they've heard and attached no meaning to. They see a jew and they just catalogue him as a White person.

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          Every culture/ethnicity/nation/religion has their pros and cons.

          The greatest threat to humanity remains the (((ruling class Zionists))) with their evil agendas and rigged systems. Zionists must not be confused with general Jewish populations who are mostly just another kind of manipulated sheeple.

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          I dated a girl years ago who was a jew and I don't necessarily think it was her religion so much as it was her own personality of self-preservation, greed, trickery. Her grandmother and mother obviously are jews and they were both insufferable, typical New York yentas. I bought a camera years ago from the hasidic jews in New York online and they tricked me into paying more with a phone call. I bought it on eBay and it didn't dawn on me that phone calls to customers are very uncommon. Once I got the camera I looked at it and said my god I've been jewed. So I worked with eBay to send it back to them. I had the head jew call me that night I set it up to return trying to fiddle his way into having me keep it. I called him dishonest and everything that we will do moving forward will be through eBay, never to contact me again. I considered myself lucky that all I lost was time and a little face for being Hoodwinked by a tassel wearing child raper.

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          Very unfortunate since they are mentally associated with the Rothschilds, even if they are not like them at all.

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          How do you feel about jews?

          The same as I do about shit, dad skunk, weeds, fags,blacks, Eisenhower and Roosevelt.

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          What's wrong with weed?