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Here is a link to some video from ground level

Just remember two things.

First, all this could have been avoided with 6 words from trudeau. "We are ending the vaccine mandates."

Second, since this started 3 weeks ago, CBC, CTV and GlobalTV have constantly talked about the protestors and how they could be violence. But it never happened. If it had it would have been all over the news. There was a cash of weapons found out west near a border crossing but nothing else beyond misdemeanors. Let it been know that the government was the first to become violent. (And hopefully the last.)

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First, all this could have been avoided with 6 words from trudeau. "We are ending the vaccine mandates."

The only thing people are asking for is just to be left alone.

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this could have been avoided with 6 words from trudeau. "We are ending the vaccine mandates."

This incident is going to be a case study for years to come on how not to handle a crisis. I don't believe Trudeau had to make any significant concessions, all he had to do was talk to the truckers and listen to them, spin some bullshit.

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You're probably right. But this is what you get when your prime minister's qualifications are drama teacher/ ski instructor/ trust fund baby.

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Trudeau's going full fascist. He's doing everything he said Trump was going to do, but never did.

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Full stalinist.

Let's start using the groups who killed the most people as the worst political slurs.

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He's EO of Canada Inc.

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Fascism isn't like that at all though. Fascism is a political ideology that rests on the traditions and morality of the people. Canadians are as anti-dictatorship as any people. They are peace- love- and freedom-minded people who like a safety net financed by the people through their government. So if this were fascism, that's the values that the government would enforce.

Do you see the difference?

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Fascism is a political ideology that rests on the traditions and morality of the people.

Fascism, when applied to a person, is someone who wants to have dictatorial and complete power, forcibly suppress opposition and criticism, and regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.

That's exactly what Trudeau is trying to do. The trucker's are peacefully protesting Trudeau's attempt to force everyone to inject something into their body, without cause, and then have a vaccine passport that will forever track their movements. In response, Trudeau is calling them Nazis and racists, even though there's zero evidence of that and a substantial number of the protesters aren't even white. He's ordering police to steal their fuel. He's literally trying to classify them as terrorists and freeze their bank accounts, insurance and deny them healthcare. That's straight out of early 1930s Germany.

A Jewish MP even made these criticisms of Trudeau, and Trudeau called her a Nazi standing with "Confederate flags".

Trudeau is either a fascist, or the dumbest and most sheltered politician in the modern world.

Canadians are as anti-dictatorship as any people. They are peace- love- and freedom-minded people who like a safety net financed by the people through their government.

Canadians are, yes. Trudeau is not.

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There is no use case which is apt in describing left and neoliberal tyrants. They already have an appropriate name. You're misusing the term you insist on using. The things you reference are not unique features of rightwing governments. Indeed they more aptly describe what you would properly refer to as Stalinist, Kunist, Bolshevick, Jacobin and so forth. The system you are directing your critique at is not Fascist. It is Stalinist, Bolshevick because it is exercising dictatorial, complete power and using force to suppress opposition and criticism and regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.. These are all things attributable to Communism. Use the correct words.

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There is no difference between fascism and communism. They are both tyrannical left wing ideologies.

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/u/bravovictor /u/horrux /u/wristaction /u/jet199

Fascism, as are all isms put into practice are the statutory rules of corporations. US Inc. is a corporation chartered by Association LLC, just as CUBA sugar-daddy plantation corporation was. Israel LLC, RUSSIA Inc., CHINA Inc., USSR Inc. with its incorporation and executive officers (see charter documents) were ALL corporations. National Socalism was first coined at the Basel Zionist congresses before anyone knew who Hitler was. Jewish Zionism is national socialism diametrically opposed to its naturalist opposite German (Aryan) National Socialism and its racial laws. Both isms could termed reactionary against the other with sometimes mutual but separate, exclusive goals.

Fascism was simply defined as anti-Bolshevism in the first part of the 20th century. Nonetheless, fascism, like Capitalism, like communism, is the statutory rule book of nationstate corporations.

In the 1920's, Zionism was considered a reactionary movement. The current ideologues leading the drive for vaccine mandates in western countries, including national socialist Jewish Zionists, like former Trotskyite communists such as Bill Kristol and Donald Kagan (PNACERS), were a bourgeois, reactionary Jewish nationalist socialist movement directed against Stalinist communism (though many judeo-Bolsheviks fronted his cause) that stood against Trotskyism, and fascism. Keep in mind the neologized use of "spreading democracy" goes hand-in-hand with spreading world revolution (Trtoskyism). Today, of course, they do not define this as spreading a type of communism but of spreading liberty, equality, democracy for Jewish nationalist agendas... a democracy which doesn't and never has existed in the jurisdiction of US inc., which is merely a pseudo-appellation for a republic, which is another pseudo-appellation for CHARTER CORPORATION! Do notice how Roy Cohen types are said to be fervently anti-Communist! Anti-communism ie., Stalinism was the watchword uniting Zionism, the Jewish bourgeoisie, clericalism and world reaction. Zionism fostered the mistaken belief in a worldwide Jewish nation via a strong Zionistic diaspora.

New names were added to the list of reactionaries with whom the Zionists supposedly collaborated, such as Kerensky (head of the Pro- visional Government in Russia in 1917), the 'White' Generals Denikin and Kolchak, and the Fascists Mussolini, Hitler and [allegedly] Eichmann.

What can be said about fascism, communism, capitalism, etc., is that they are all thhe same. Statutory rulebook of nation state corporations (trading companies) put into use.

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Dude. They are literally DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE one another.

Communism is the oppression of the vast majority by a tiny minority. Fascism is rule through the application of the people's traditional values. Yes, in fascism the minorities take a back seat. But in communism, it's basically EVERYBODY who takes a back seat except the infinitesimal minority of the power elite.

In communism, 99.999% are slaves and 0.001% are the parasites. In Fascism, at least 40% are directly favored by the laws, rules, and traditions. And if countries were still ethnically homogeneous as they should be, that 40% would be much closer to 100%.

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Fascism and communism are identical. They both subjugate the people under government leftist socialism. They enslave the people and steal the fruits of their labor. Look at the nazis that murdered six million Jews. 卐=☭️

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You actually believe in that hollow hoax? Wow, that is a very impressive koolaid drinker level. Pro black belt ultra level 99,999?

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That's ridiculous. What isn't a leftwing ideology then?

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An ideology that is not leftist is one that is not socialist. Fascism is leftist because it is a socialist ideology.

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Wokism is capitalist, therefor it is Conservatism.

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They already have an appropriate name.

Which is what? "neoliberal tyrannt"? I don't disagree.

The system you are directing your critique at is not Fascist.

Agree to disagree. I basically just copied my definition directly out of the dictionary. If you want to argue "fascist" refers only to upper-case Fascist, as in the now-defunct Italian political party from the 1930s, then fair enough. You're right in that Trudeau is certainly not an Italian dictator. However, the term's acquired a new general sense since then.

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If you read through what some Canadians on the other side of the debate are saying you'd soon see that oppressive values can easily pulled from people wanting to be nice and peace loving.

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  1. Yes anyone can get their bank account frozen. The time limit is when they want to give it back to you.
  2. They are getting arrested under the grounds of not doing what trudeau wants them to do. He wants them to go home.
  3. Yes. The government has always had the ability to arrest anyone on the spot. Democracy was always an illusion.
  4. Trudeau has so much power because the governments have always been corrupt run by criminals.

Most Canadians i know have always thought Canada was a fair country and the legal system was fair and politicians cared about them and guns were bad. What is happening is that Canadians are aware that the government was always their enemy. In the past only less than 1% of the population knew the government was corrupt and that small amount is not a threat to the criminals politicians. These days its much higher and climbing higher. It's about 5% or higher.

So the government needs to get rid of these 5% before it starts waking up more and more Canadians.

The truth is the covd-19 was a lie. The vaccines are not vaccines. The banking system is a system to rob us and the politicians are trafficking children and drugs and much much more corruption.

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I think next week Canada is going to be a whole new country and they will be made an example to the rest of the world what The Man can do to you.

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The break down of civil society.

It only takes 2.5% to overthrow the government.

The rednecks always say this.

No one realized it is the democrats doing it.

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As far as why Trudeau has so much power, I think the answer can be found in an interview with a board member from world monetary fund. He was talking about how many world leaders are thier loyalists and went on to compliment Trudeau on how many of their trained shills (they call them young leaders or something, they actually have a program they put them through) he put into positions of power in the government. He made the claim that half the people in Canadian gov are world monetary fund shills.

They claim fits perfectly with the way Trudeau staffed the government, using leftist bullshit to hire "women and minorities" over qualified candidates. This way he could hire all the shills without anyone asking why he hired them over far more qualified candidates.

It also explains why, despite other government officials being vocally against the tyranny, do nothing to stop him.

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How does belonging to the WMF or WEF (or other european financial institute) give presidents and prime ministers extra powers? Sorry, genuinely confused here. Has Canada given up some of its sovereignty to foreign interests?

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Money is power. The most powerful people in the world use organizations like the WMF to control others. In this case they use it to set agendas that are passed on to thier lackies in government. The fact that the WMF even has a special school where they train children to infiltrate governments and obey thier directives, then use thier money and already installed assets to get those kids into positions of power is pretty self explanatory.

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I might have to look into the role of the WMF in curbing nations that might get ideas about their station, like democracy for instance. I am just trying to wrap my head around the idea of a school where children pledge their allegiance to the WMF. Beginning to sound like something out of a Jim Carre spy novel. (Particularly the TV version of Brotherhood of the Rose).

I would still like to know what would motivate any nation to give up their sovereignty to some kind of international entity like this.

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Why are you stuck on this idea that a sovergn country has to make a conscious decision to give away sovereignty? That makes absolutely no sense at all. That is not how any of this works.

They use thier money to fund a corrupt candidate who gets elected because campaign finances decide the majority of elections. That elected official then appoints a lot of non elected positions to other corrupt people.

Where in all of that is a country deciding to give up sovereignty?

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OK, so you are talking about a foreign entity, such as the WMF, putting in one of their guys as candidates during elections and fund their election campaign up to the eyeballs. That much makes sense I guess.

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I don't have the interview but here is an MP asking about it and having his mic cut. Charles Shwab literally bragged that half of the Canadian government was WMF shills. It's not one guy, that is how it starts.

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Now that Trudeau can freeze bank accounts without a court order has that caused a run on the banks?

This is to freeze only those very few accounts used to raise money for the illegal activity of using trucks to stop traffic, and to thereby keep businesses open.

On what grounds are people being arrested?

Because of their illegal activity of using trucks to stop traffic, and to thereby keep businesses open.

Are people really being arrested under this emergency law even before the emergency bill has been passed by the upper house of Canada?


As a minority government how is that Trudeau has so much power?

It's an option for Trudeau:

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This is a bull shit, coward response.

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a corwardly response would not answer the questions, and would instead say - this is a bull shit, coward response

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All your claims about the government doing this to reopen businesses are proven wrong by the fact that the government has been doing everything it can to destroy small buisness for the last 2 years. They allow the globalist owned mega stores to stay open while forcing small businesses to close.

The fact that you would tell such bold and blatant lies seriously destroyes your credibility.

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Perspective is something you obviously lack. But hey, enjoy that 0.15 dollars monetary incentive from my comment reply.

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This is to freeze only those very few accounts used to raise money for the illegal activity of using trucks to stop traffic, and to thereby keep businesses open.

This is to freeze only those very few accounts used to raise money for the illegal activity of using trucks to stop traffic, and to thereby keep businesses open.

No, this is broader than targeting the accounts used for fundraising. Specifically, the Deputy Prime Minister said that people whose vehicles are used in the protests will have their bank accounts frozen and their insurance cancelled. While what you said isn't wrong, it could be interpreted as applying only to fundraisers. In her statement she refers to corporate accounts suggesting that they aren't going after personal accounts, although I imagine that could change if donations are seen to be routed via personal accounts.

Sure, it could very well be illegal what the protestors are doing. Protest often involves breaking the law and the risk of arrest. The actions of the government may be entirely legal, just like it was at the time legal for William Prynne to be branded on his face. Just not a good look for a government.

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Not only that, now anybody who has ever expressed pro-Trump sentiment is on the list of people whose assets can be seized. Just imagine, how approving of certain political figures in ANOTHER country can make you an enemy of the state... This is beyond delirium.

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Yes it does make you wonder whether they will extend that overreach to big tech.

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Civil disobedience

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As a minority government how is that Trudeau has so much power?

The Australian councils shoot puppies. How do these councils have so much power?

COVID-19: Rescue dogs shot dead in Australia over coronavirus restrictions A council in Australia killed the impounded animals to prevent volunteers at an animal shelter from travelling to pick them up and potentially spreading the virus.

Fifteen rescue dogs, including 10 puppies, have been shot dead by a rural Australian council under its interpretation of coronavirus restrictions.

Bourke Shire Council in New South Wales destroyed the canines, which had been at its pound, to prevent volunteers at an animal shelter from travelling to pick them up and potentially spreading the virus.

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Said this would happen someday starting back in 1996 and everyone mocked me.

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It occurs to me Trudeau isn't head of state either.

How's that constitutionally set up in Canada? Can the Queen dissolve parliament?

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I believe she can, just like in the UK, although she's more likely to appear in a Harley Davidson commercial than exercise agency in the political system.

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Just so happens that Charles and Camilla have just tested positive for covid so are out of action and I assume the Queen will be isolating too. So even if they were in the mind to speak out they've been taken out of the picture for their own good.

Edit: now the Queen is positive

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jet199 1 insightful - 0 fun - 4 hours ago It occurs to me Trudeau isn't head of state either.

How's that constitutionally set up in Canada? Can the Queen dissolve parliament?

The Governor General has the power to dissolve parliament. It has happened once before in Canada's history during the King-Byng Affair.

The King-Byng Affair was a 1926 Canadian constitutional crisis pitting the powers of a prime minister against the powers of a governor general. It began when Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King asked Governor General Lord Julian Byng of Vimy to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections. Byng refused. It ended with King winning an eventual election, and no governor general ever again publicly refusing the advice of a prime minister.

The powers of the Governor General were investigated in the Balfour Report.

Balfour Report, report by the Committee on Inter-Imperial Relations at the 1926 Imperial Conference in London that clarified a new relationship between Great Britain and the Dominions of Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Irish Free State. The Balfour Report declared that Britain and its Dominions were constitutionally equal to each other.

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Turdeau has so much power because even though his party is a minority, there is the far-left NDP party that basically supports anything Turdeau does, making them an effective majority. But even then, Schwab gloated how he controls more than half the ministers in Canada, so yeah, Turdeau does what his boss says, and he doesn't work for Canadians or for Canada... He is an absolute traitor to his nation and people.

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I am just waiting till these dictators get some kind of fatal accident.

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Ask Hitler.

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Seems he was quite the political pioneer

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This has been a global coup d'etat and its only showing now because people were paralyzed by fear for two years. This is only the beginning. We will become witness to much greater horrors committed by governments in the name of "public health".