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That article is nonsense. The serial numbers of those missile remains have been cited many times over the years as a means of identifying the source. If that number only identified the factory it would have been quite easily proven so years ago because thousands of missiles would all have the same number.

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That's just the platoon sergeant's girlfriend's name in leetspeak.

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ok then i guess it makes sense that the russians with one of the best-equipped military forces on the planet are still using cold war-era munitions in attacks that make them specifically look terrible on the world stage

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still using cold war-era munitions in attacks

The US did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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20 years ago, cool

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The thing about munitions is they're more expensive to decommission than to just drop on someone. We weren't dropping daisy cutters in Afghanistan because we needed to, we were dumping old munitions.

20 years ago, cool

Which makes it more relevant for Russia to get rid of their old stock, not less. They don't have an unlimited shelf life.

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1) Russians have been striking civilian infrastructure since the beginning. Nothing new.

2) Russia still likely has a shit-ton of old Soviet equipment, just like European ex-communist countries do (like Czechia where I live)

with one of the best-equipped military forces on the planet

Why did they retreat from Kyiv then, leaving hundreds and hundreds of tanks and vehicles behind?

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striking civilian infrastructure during war? gasp!

kiev was not the target. Kiev was a distraction.

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Oh my bad. It was a tactical retreat ;)

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Ukraine should be allowed to bring their full military might to bear on our desired front because it's not fair to divide their forces

would be a pretty rarted take

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What a crappy and misleading article, but yes, the claims that this shows the missile belongs to the Ukrainian military is also not correct. Don't get me wrong, it is possible, but this marking adds very little to show that.

That marking is not a serial number and to call it simply a factory identifying marking is misleading....

This is a lot number. It identifies the batch of missiles manufactured, which eludes to the factory and if you have some knowledge of the manufacturing, the date they were manufactured.

So we have people saying calming that a batch number around 10 batches earlier was used by Ukraine. This article's own citation claims of this specific missile, "Ukraine is reported as possessing 500 missiles. Around 80 have possibly been exported to Yemen and another 40 [...] to Syria."

So how likely are lots around 10 apart to be held by the same country? That seems logically to dependent on how many devices are in each lot, a value I don't know. That information would quantify, but not prove, just how likely they were to be in the same hands.

All the usual pro-UN and anti-Russian monitoring bodies, who can use satellites and sensors to detect these things, seem to all say that Ukraine hasn't fired any at all since this incursion, while they confirmed several times that Russia has fired this particular kind.

It seems that every damn country over there has these missile and they've all been sharing, passing them around, and shooting at each other with them for decades. The game of who-done-it, with you and your friends pointing the finger one way, and the other guy and his friends point their finger at you, is still anyone's guess.

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The markings on the 9M79-1 rocket indicate that it belongs to the Tochka-U class of missiles, whose NATO classification is SS-21 Scarab. However, this serial number – Ш91579 – is a factory marking and does not in any way identify the missile as belonging to the Ukrainian military. This numeration was applied to all rocket shells at the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant, a machine and ballistic missile factory in the Volga federal district that mass produced missiles in the Soviet era, which were then transported to different countries, from Kazakhstan, to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine