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How about the irony of pro-abortion people who insisted others get vaccines. I think they fucked themselves on their bodily autonomy argument, now they seem like hypocrites.

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They kill babies and want WW3 that kill even more people. Bloodthirsty bunch, eh?

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They mean well, they're just idiots.

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They mean death you mean. Not all are idiots they have just been brainwashed by public schools and colleges.

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Females scary

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Early on in the pandemic I had an interesting interaction with a rabid pro-vaxxer who was clearly also a huge pro-abortion feminist (can't remember what clues she gave). I said my body my choice, isn't that what you people like to say? and then she blocked me.

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Russian regime kills generations of people.

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Yep, Russia is literally killing a trillion people in Ukraine. I heard it on CNN, so it must be true.

Meanwhile, the UN estimated a million people died in Iraq as a result of the US invasion. And millions more are now starving to death in Afghanistan due to US sanctions, not including the tens of thousands killed during the 20 year long invasion and war.

Yet you'll never see a "I stand with Afghanistan" flag anywhere in the US.

No politician in DC gives a shit about any Ukrainian. Democrats are just using them as a puppet in a proxy war against Russia, because they still blame them for Trump winning in 2016.

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You know why "you'll never see a "I stand with Afghanistan" flag anywhere in the US"? Because it's their own business. Same as "Nazis/biolabs/aliens in Ukraine". I don't give a single fuck about US political system, reps/dem shit and their supporters. Btw, I'm from Russia.

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Because it's their own business.

I don't know what you meant buy this. The yard owner's business? The Afghanis business?

Yeah, obviously both of those are true, but I think you missed my point. In the US, we're largely brainwashed and told what causes to support by the government. And the government has told us to support Ukraine, so many do, whereas the government has told us to ignore Afghanistan, so we do.

I don't give a single fuck about US political system, reps/dem shit and their supporters.

You should give a fuck about the US political system, because it wants to become the world's political system whether you want it to or not.

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And the government has told us to support Ukraine

Are you going to jail if you don't? in Russia you'll go to jail, huge fines if you against war (not this, just "No war"). Wanna links?

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Yeah, in the US you can be jailed for violating "sanctions" against Russia. In the past, you could also be jailed for speaking out against wars. Those laws are still on the books, but I don't think they've actually been used since WWII.

Democrats are moving to criminalize free speech in general too, thus their Orwellian "disinformation board" to literally tell you what to believe. Do you love seeing the creation of that? Does it remind you of your homeland? If Putin rolled out a "ministry of truth", we'd be mocking it as something only a comic book villain would do, but Biden does it and all the puppets in the media cheer.

That's the difference between the US and Russia. Why jail someone when you can simply ensure virtually no one can hear what they have to say? In the US's digital world, where 99% of the public gets all their news from a handful of websites all run by one of 4 mega corps, that's super easy. If Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook ban you, no one's going to hear you, no matter how much you shout from your "blog" or on a street corner.

Governments jail their political opponents so people don't hear what they have to say. The US is no exception, but they've more efficient about it. Jails are expensive, but Internet bans are essentially free. Russia wishes they were as good at propaganda as we are. Americans are struggling to afford food and housing, but the media's convinced them that a war on the other side of the planet in the country they've never heard of is their actual biggest problem that we should be spending billions of dollars on.

Ironically, in Ukraine, the "democratic" country we're told to support, free speech has been banned, all political parties in the parliament opposing Zelensky have been outlawed, and all the country's tv stations have been nationalized. Sounds like something we're told Putin would do, not a "fighter for democracy"...

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violating "sanctions"

Inappropriate comparison.

virtually no one can hear what they have to say

We live in different dimensions. You're wining about "mah fecebook doesn't allow free speech", while we never had it at the first place. Take a sip of reality, read some russian media (not only RT, it's propaganda) about actual things, with names, cases, places, dates.

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Inappropriate comparison.

How so? Putin isn't rounding up anyone without due process (except for sponsors of state terrorism, but then again the US does the exact same thing now thanks to the "Patriot Act"). Russia has a very robust court system. People are arrested for breaking the law that their politicians create for political reasons. You think the US works differently? The comparison is quite appropriate.

We live in different dimensions. You're wining about "mah fecebook doesn't allow free speech", while we never had it at the first place.

You're mostly right. Pre-social media, only the rich and powerful had any true free speech. But that's just it. The hoi polloi actually did start to have it for a little bit, somewhere between 2005 to 2015. The emergence of social media through the Internet allowed people to actually have free speech on a mass scale and bypass the large media outlets.

Then the unthinkable happened. All these stupid people didn't vote for who they were supposed to vote for in 2016. The candidates were supposed to be Hillary vs Jeb, and Hillary was supposed to be corronated queen because that's who their betters told them to vote for. But instead all these fucking idiots voted for Trump because most Democrats and Republicans both hated their establishment class of politicians. We almost got a Trump vs Bernie election, but corruption in the DNC ensured he'd never win the primary.

So to stop that from ever happening again, and make sure people vote for who they're "supposed" to vote for, we went back to the pre-social media days where only the "proper" people had free speech on social media and where the official DC political narrative was allowed. And the conventional media outlets stopped pretending to be objective and went full shill. That's why you even had NPR lying and saying the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was "Russian disinformation" so they weren't even going to report on it, when now the FBI has confirmed it's legit.

Take a sip of reality, read some russian media (not only RT, it's propaganda) about actual things, with names, cases, places, dates.

I do. If you don't try and listen to both sides, you'll definitely be lost. It's all propaganda. They clearly have their own propaganda angle, but some legit truths slip through now and then, both good and bad for Russia.

Which ones do you recommend?

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Putin isn't rounding up anyone without due process .

"Suspected in phone terrorism" can be everyone.

"Case for action didn't happened"

"Public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens, maintain international peace and security, or exercise their powers by state bodies of the Russian Federation for these purposes" I can't give you full text of this law now, but I'll find it if you're interested. What is "discrediting"? Any message or post, any article, picture or even a song. Even if you said something about "moral state in russian army", like "My son said they were all depressed during war". Fines start from 30k rub. It's an average salary in Russia (~$500).

1258 cases with this law from march 4th to april 22nd.

Up to 15 years in a prison (different law, same actions) Probably you can't open these links outside of Russia (get some VPN with russian servers). (more info

There are no elections in Russia. If you elect "wrong" candidate he/she will be thrown into the jail or "suspended" while investigation. Furgal from Khabarovsk was elected from LDPR (Not ER - go to jail) for "crime" that been committed more than 16 years ago. They'll change their opinions as they want (i.e. on command from Moscow).

Which ones do you recommend?

General and biased news sites: Check these resources later, some of them publish refutation.

Channels in telegram (semi news/fun/propaganda)

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"Suspected in phone terrorism" can be everyone.

Due process doesn't mean "laws you like" or "laws with no ambiguity". Due process means there's a documented legal process to subjecting someone to the will of the state while respecting rights that that state has previously said it will respect. Just because you dislike Russia's laws doesn't mean it doesn't have due process. The US has almost identical laws. If you're suspected of terrorism in any sense that someone in power judges it, you can be disappeared by the government. That was the whole controversy around Guantanamo Bay, because DC liked to use it as a legal black hole where they could hold political prisoners and suspected "terrorists" indefinitely.

Voted for Trump? Obama had the FBI wire-tap his campaign, in an attempt to defeat his party's political rival. Even after Trump won, the FBI started investigating and arresting his supporters in 2017 and tried to find some reason to arrest Trump while he was in office, ironically trying to blame his success on Russia despite no evidence. Now, 6 years later, they're finally admitting the only person who paid for research from Russia was a member of Hillary's campaign.

General and biased news sites:

Thanks, I'll check those out.

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hilariously pathetic representation of wearing a mask. that's how it makes you feel? what a fucking crybaby

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