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      Classified information about what?

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          Reporting at WaPo and other sources can be corrobotated with a number of other sources, over a span of 6 years when there were various important examples of Trump's collusion with Russian associates. One of these examples resulted in his first impeachment. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, the Kushner crime family obtained the highest security clearance, resulting in $800 million investment from China-government linked real-estate payments for a property in NY (related to the current investigation), and $2 BILLION from Saudi Arabia to the same Jarod Kushner for his access to that top level security and other forms of influence. In all, the Trump crime family were actively colluding with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel (at the center of much of this), Turkey, Lebanon, and other government-linked rich folks for business deals, buildings, land &c, which involved the sharing of classified information on a regular basis. The recent Justice Department's agreement that Trump return or have taken from him classified nuclear state secrets was after months of requests of work to get them back. Everything he and his viollent dumbass supporters have to say about that is absolutely indefensible. It will be difficult to recover from the level of corruption in the Trump family in the past 6 years, if there is any recovery, and especially from the corruption of the 10% or 20% of Americans who want to start a Christo-fascist civil war because of the 10s of 1000s of lies spewed by Trump over the past 6 years. The US was previously known for it's honesty, more or less, and now is compared with 3rd world dictatorships thanks to Trump and Republicans. It's exactly what they want: extreme income inequality for the filthy rich and the dirt poor, and nothing much in between The only group trying to combat this corporate takeover are the Democrats, though some of the older Democrats (inc. corrupt Manchin & greedy Pelosi) are holding the younger ones back. The current question for the violation of the Espionage Act: how much of the classified documents has Trump shared with foreign investors in order for them to agree to $millions in investments. We NEED to bring back laws against obvious conflicts of interest, as well as the death penalty for people like Trump and the Kushners.

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                  Short answer: NO, not even close. .... and lots of angry noises.

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                  Do you want a civil war? Because that's how you get a civil war. Perhaps this account is a Russian or CCP controlled account, because what's happening is to the advantage of both of these courtiers and to the detriment of America.

                  The rampant censorship has not allowed opposing ideas to hash out the bad ideas and leave common ground between supporters of different candidates. Without this discourse, the rhetoric on both sides is getting bad. The news media is incredibly bias against the Trump republicans, and the echo chambers from both sides is toxic to the opposing sides. No valid questions or perspectives can be posted in major forums without the possibility of losing access. Real opinions of Trump supporters are stuck in their isolated forums, and the main line forums get to post content that is often wildly extreme, and at the same time, there's bound to be misinformation in the Trump camp that cannot be challenged by the opposing camp.

                  The result of this is obvious, and if one is looking at from the synchronized operation, it is INTENTIONAL and not organic.

                  If you're objective is to destroy America, you're on the right track. If you're not trying to destroy America, you should ask yourself if you're a pawn in someone else's plan.

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                    You lost me at - "Do you want a civil war? Because that's how you get a civil war."

                    You're not seeing the resolve I'm seeing.

                    A very small number of Trump's Christo-fascist dumbasses will be squashed like the roaches they are if they call for a civil war.

                    The Christians are not a small number and their resolve is strong. The left is giving them power by "acting poorly". The center has more or less fallen and sides with the right because the left is far to extreme. They will not call for a civil war, those currently in power are trying very hard to PROVOKE a response to justify what you view as "squashing roaches". The Christian right is becoming very organized and they're not stupid. They will succeed, but the cost will be a theocracy.

                    The only real hope is to restore online forums to allow a center to re-establish and re-create a center.

                    There's also not much censorship in the US.

                    This is false. You cannot speak freely on the main planforms about c-19, vaccine problems, or election transparency without being ejected. The seizing of the main forums by partisans (from the left) has pushed out any real discourse into echo chambers. All of these issues are key to conservatives, libertarians and centrists. The current lack of discussion is allowing extreme ideas on both sides with no moderating effect of the opposing sides.

                    If you want to tear it all down, the replacement will not be a liberal system or even communism, but a full fledge theocracy, because only the Christians will stand with the resolve to hold on to their freedoms (and way of life).

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                      True Christians would want Trump to hang for treason.

                      Debatable what true Christianity is. You assume them to be amoral, but it is more like they don't believe what you believe to be true. Hence why it is so important to undo the censorship so that bad ideas can be ejected.

                      The so-called 'christians' you refer to are a small minority of complete idiots who don't understand Christianity.

                      There's a small minority of Muslims that believe in Jihad enough to act on it, but most would not resist the imposition of Islam on unbelievers if the small minority were to take control. The majority of Muslims would more or less passively cooperate and help.

                      The same goes for Christianity. The difference is that these groups are not radical on the surface, but if you watch their rhetoric, you'd see they have the potential to be just as dogmatic and authoritarian in their imposition of values if given a chance. The difference is that most Christians are open to self examination to become better people, and they would listen to criticisms (if they're logical) and re-adjust their perspectives. However, the left is going so far, that they're hardening their ears to anything coming from the far left. Again, this is why censorship needs to end.

                      They're the 'American Taliban' who should rot in Hell for their sins.

                      I really don't think they're a "Taliban", though the potential is there if pushed to an extreme. I would encurage you to look at alternative forums to expand your understanding of where they're coming from, even though a lot of what's going on on their forums is turning ugly.

                      Again, these echo chambers are actually breeding anti-Semitic and racist viewpoints, not because the ideas of anti-Semitism or racism are strong, but rather because they are NOT being challenged in these echo chambers that the Christians/conservatives/right have been pushed into. The CENSORSHIP is FOSTERING these bad ideas, and they're getting traction. Without exposure, they WILL become a reality. The censorship is the ROOT of this evil!