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If governments cared literally at all about the environment, they would make it illegal to sell consumer products by the metric tun that have glued in batteries to stop users from replacing them.

Remember that.

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Or anything you can't replace parts for.

Lookin at you apple soldering in memory phhh

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Yeah, but making the memory replaceable means adding a connector/socket. Thus, the size increases. This is entirely unacceptable for them trying to shave 0.1 mm of height off their devices year-over-year. The connector would be much more than this... Not that your average person much cares about 0.1 mm. Apple is beholden to their own idiocy. Of course, some people have the wherewithal to hand-solder BGA packages with a propane torch no sweat. Just saying.

But it's also true that semiconductors are advancing year-over-year, and yesterday's memory technology will not work with today's processors. Also, not having new memory to pair the new processors with means a performance degradation, or rather, not getting as much as you can. They work in tandem, and the transistor technology evolves in tandem. The concept of replacing components of a computer, tablet, or phone piecemeal is bonkers when you understand what's required to make that sort of thing happen. Significant performance penalty... for reasons pertaining to... that you can just do it? Why does the ability matter more than any other criteria? It does not, thus, nobody does it. Even though it is technically possible. And eventually technology will advance such that yesterday's "socketable" machine is now defunct, and everyone will be again, bitching about how it's not upgradable, repairable, and what-not.

But, it's all for what? So I can check my email that much faster? We've enjoyed immensely faster, every year, computing machinery for the masses... and all they do with it is look at porn, tell people to fuck off on Facebook, and buy meaningless shit from China's biggest online retailer.

That's not the end of the story for computing machinery, by any means, but in sheer volume, it's kind of a cesspool. And the audacity is to bitch about it. You're already living in the future.

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    agreed, we’ve knows of the consequences to plastic use long enough.

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    Eight states—California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont—have banned single-use plastic bags.

    So let me get this straight. I go to the grocery store and buy a lb. of sliced ham wrapped in plastic, a loaf of bread in a plastic bag, a gallon of milk in a plastic jug, a pack of napkins wrapped in plastic, a Greek salad in a plastic container, a plastic bottle of mustard and a plastic bottle of ketchup and they won't give me a plastic bag to carry it home because the plastic bag is bad for the environment?

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    Eight states—California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont—have banned single-use plastic bags.

    I've figured out a loophole.

    I double-bag groceries. Bam!

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    I use the bags for small trash cans and miscellaneous stuff.

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    Yeah, seriously. This means I now have to buy different plastic bags for my garbage cans.

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    But they haven't made a regulation requiring that all single-use plastic items be made from biodegradable plastic? Interesting...

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    it's all about extracting your money from you with ever increasing number of taxes, fees and penalties. nearly every single business or corporation has that goal. including the United States corporation. subversion at its finest.

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    Don't you remember when they stopped doing paper bags in order to "save the trees". Plastic was good for the environment back in that bs narrative.

    They DO make tree farms for paper and all, so isn't like people cut down old growth forests for a paper sack..

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    The argument is that plastic shopping bags are littered more. With the packaging you mostly put it in the bin with no issues.

    Certainly in the UK you used to see plastic bags flying around the pavement and caught in trees all the time but not since they stated charging for them.

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    Don't question, CONSUME

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    The same idiocy here with a sugar tax which only seems to apply to carbonated drinks. But it's ok to buy literal sugar, lard or any other ingredients without the tax.

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    Dude this has been the law in my state for almost a decade now. It gets even funnier than that though.

    You can still get single use plastic bags from non-grocers, target and Walmart used to be able to get away with this since they aren't technically grocers they are retail stores with a grocery store in them.

    You can still get "reusable" plastic bags from grocers at $0.10 a piece. These bags are like 10 times thicker than the traditional plastic bags and use way more plastic. No one ever reuses these. People used to reuse the old kind as trash bags, but no one reuses these for some reason. I'm not sure why. People buy better reusable bags, everyone has dozens of them, but no one ever remembers to bring them with them to the store.

    During Covid people were even more reluctant to reuse reusable bags for potential contamination. One church of the current thing superseded the other.

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    If the government can ban bags, what else can the do?

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    Here in communist Canada, in my province we have had plastic bags banned for over 3 years now. I remember make very similar points.

    TBH though, now that I'm used to it I really don't notice. The first 6 months was a pain in the ass but honestly I don't even give it a second though now. I just grab bags out of my trunk and that's that. Also I like bagging my own shit. It's done correctly and nothing is crushed. Last, if I do forget my bags they will still give you paper ones. They are 15c each and they are big and strong. (I've never need more then 2 at a time.) In the last 3 years I would estimate I have spent around $20 on bags and that would include the 8 reusables ($1 each) I bought when this started.

    I'm not going to argue your point, it's perfectly valid and just plain common sense but this small province (~160k people total) has saved 15-16 MILLION bags per year.


    When we last went to Las Vegas we went to a CVS and everything was like 2-3 items/bag and they even double bagged stuff.... It was kind of a big eye opener.

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    I made a petition requiring all disposable plastic items, including bags and other packaging, to be made from biodegradable plastic. It got I think 6 signatures.

    And then the private jet shitheads will say WE are responsible for destroying the environment, not those corporations that make those non-biodegradable, disposable plastic things that pay for their private jets.

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    I 100% agree. It's a total shit show. That being said, I think we do need to think about wasteful consumption and make changes that are practical and can work in the real world. Biodegradable plastics should be mandated. It's a good idea with very little repercussions that I can see. Devices with non replaceable batteries should also be banned. All great ideas with real world impacts and a minimal effect on the average person.

    Going back to the bags, I now agree with it. It's totally waste for the sake of waste when there is a viable alternative with minimal cost and impact to the average person. In my OP I said I've spent about $20 over the 3 years on bags. I would say almost all in the first year as now I never forget bags. It's just a habit like putting on shoes before heading out.

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    Grocery bags used to be made out of paper. Then plastic happened because it was CHEAPER and the grocery stores were able to cut costs and profit from shitting the environment. Now they charge you for (usually plastic) bags and guess what, yeah they make that much more profit.

    We have to remember that corporations that do "right" only appear to do so. There's always only profit, and then spinning whatever they choose to do to make more profits into being nice and all that.

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    You can have a bag, at my store it's just 10 cent each. guess what, my town still has plastic trash everywhere.

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    If they care so much about plastic then they wouldn't have everyone take a rapid test 2-3 times weekly.