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Secret ingredient to a healthy work-work balance:

Never give more than 50% of what you actually can do.

Keep your mouth shut and just sit through all the propaganda- and "team building"-events.

This way you always can adjust for these minor bullshit-bingo meeting nonsense ideas most ties above you in the pecking order use to construct pseudo-arguments to raise quotas on a weekly basis.

Any important E Mail will be sent again, if it actually was that important. Trust me. The same idea is applicable with E Mails, quite obviously.

I live an actually quite satisfied life since I left all those "big" companies for good and stick to this very simple principle.

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This is really good life advise. When you give 100%, they expect 200%.

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My life has never been better since I developed that kind of "work-ethic" for myself.

They hire niggers on the same payscale as me, then they don't need anything beyond 20% of my capability.

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Well over 3/4 of my shift is "downtime" XD