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I lost my excitement for Meloni a few weeks ago when I found out she supports sanctions against Russia and the EU. Those two things are the reasons why Italy is getting weaker. I also find it suspicious that the mainstream media was predicting her victory for weeks. Maybe I am wrong, hopefully I am wrong, but I feel like maybe she is controlled opposition.

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They go extreme in one direction, towards totalitarianism and left.

People get upset.

They shift to extreme in another direction, towards totalitarianism and right.

Problem ► Reaction ► Solution.

They anticipate and plan for all of this.

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Russia is no fucking saint.I don't understand how being pro Ukraine is bad when Russia attacked them.Ok,she supports israel,what does that prove?If she claims to support taiwan does that make her a taiwan puppet?Seriously

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I don't understand how being pro Ukraine is bad when Russia attacked them.

I don't understand how anyone can instantly see a country as good when they get invaded. Not all victims are good guys. Some victims are assholes.

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Like Arabs

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I don't understand how being pro Ukraine is bad when Russia attacked them.

It means that she is going to do absolutely nothing about the suicidal sanctions that are destroying the european economy, and at the same time send more billions of euros to an extremely corrupt country where most of it is going to be embezzled. All to support a US puppet regime.

Ok,she supports israel,what does that prove?

It means that she is going to, again, send giant sums of money to support yet another corrupt government. One who, in fact, not only doesn't help Europe back in any way, but whose actions often are directly linked to causing the refugee crises that sent so many asylum seekers to Europe in the first place (in some instances, intentionally so).

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Keep voting and thinking that it's ever going to change shit.


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Great. So not only journalists hate her but also antisemites. I love her already.

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Obvious kike shill is obvious