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True democracy cannot work unless it's a small town or something. There's no true democracy in the world. It's just elites doing whatever they want and using the media to convince others it's the people's will.

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    Now that you've personally endorsed dEmOcRaCy I'm 100% more certain it's a heap of shit.

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      And boy, the media can convince. Most people are lemmings so they will be convinced.

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      I’ve come to fucking hate the word democracy.

      After Trump was elected and people lost their minds because the haggard granny didn’t win, all we heard about was “oy vey our PRECIOUS DEMOCRACY is at stake!”

      Whenever I hear someone say “protecting our democracy” or “securing our elections”, I know this is someone who would command their own personal SS if they were given the chance to.

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      "[D]emocracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time" - Churchill.

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        On a local level, it appears to work. What we seem to have is massive corruption at the higher levels, and strategic voting to prevent an opponent from getting into office despite the voter being an absolute retard, this is especially true of two party systems.

        It helps somewhat by voting in a party rather than an individual, otherwise you are simply voting for a short term dictator hell-bent on ruining a country in their own individual way.

        As an apathetic supporter of democracy over authoritarianism and a preference against socialism, I accept that the system will occasionally go against my wishes. This is the will of the people, no matter how fucking idiotic they are.

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        Certainly true, and a valid critique of Democracy. I can't defend democracy on its own merits. However, I would say that in tyranny one doesn't even need to bother controlling the herd mentality to achieve the same result, and the odds of getting the one good guy aren't great.

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        Any system that votes politicians in and has term limits has a fundamental weakness in that elected officials have no obligation to be loyal to their constituents. The system has a built-in release valve for public anger in that people always hope the next guy will be better so they don't revolt.

        In a hereditary monarchy, the ruler has an obligation to listen to the people because they have to live with the consequences of their policy decisions; if public anger gets too high, peasants arm themselves and pull out the guillotines. Not to mention that a king is passing on the kingdom to their descendants and wants it to prosper for their sake.

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        Which is why i prefer monarchies over republics. Republics, no matter how masculine, always lead to feminine democracies. The reason why rhe UK, Spain and Belgium are doing poorly is because those countries are constitutional monarchies, where their Kings do nothing and their prime ministers call the shots.

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        We are where we are because the system we use, whether it's good or bad, is the thing that survived.

        It's decent, but assumes all parties are honest.

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        Voting is only one form of democracy. The ancient Greeks saw exactly the same problems with it. They thought that forming a government by drawing lots was more democratic.

        There is some evidence a mixture of the 2 creates better government as well.

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        The ancient Greeks would vomit over the entire "democratic" nations of today, they'd say "this is not democracy, it is insanity".

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        The real problem with democracy is that sooner or later people realize they can form tribes and vote themselves other people's money.

        The entire concept of "political party" is inherently a fuck-up. For example we tend to think we're voting for individual candidates, but look up how "whips" work. In short, the individual basically has to vote with the party. Add to that things such as lawmakers not even reading the bills they sign, the way all kinds of crap is added to bills that are totally irrelevant and the entire shitshow shows zero resemblance to the actual will of the people.

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        People voting themselves money is why I'm against universal suffrage. Only taxpayers should vote, but even that is me being generous.

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        Pure Democracies are known to be historically failures and result in some of the worst oppression time and time again.

        In today's age, corporations love pure democracy, because money buys democracy, including buying down regulation against your industry, or more popularly, buying more regulation in your industry to solidify your semi-monopoly through regulatory capture (such as pay-to-pollute "carbon taxes"). Democracy is bought through the for-hire near-total control of the public through media. He who controls the the public's access and exposure to information, controls democracy.

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        Democracy is the tyranny of the majority. In a democracy, the majority always wins, so anyone who actually cares about minorities would instead favor a Republic with a constitution. It's amazing how leftists like to champion democracy like fucking idiots, as if it somehow fair, especially considering they are trying to protect minorities. It shows how shallow their thinking is and how much they're driven by emotions.

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        Funny, I remember the Trump years when the Democracy Worshippers did everything they could to try to effectively overturn the results of a democratic election.

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          More retarded than a monarchy where the subjugated are not to question the king because he was born into a family that was "chosen by god"?

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          Yes, because shit kings were defeated in combat. You just have to hope your king isn't a sheep in wolves clothing.

          Having 1000 people in a room moaning while another kingdom steamrolls you is not effective.

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          I don't believe in kings "chosen by God". I believe in Kings who can fight for their claims.

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          It's also hard because if you really want it to work, you need full participation. That's literally impossible with 350 million people and a crew of crooks making the rules.

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          You need a decentralized system, where everyone has some power in decisions. Especially over their own lives and situation. People need to learn responsibility over their own lives, and you can not do that if you give this power to some politician or someone else. Personal responsibility has been lost for many people. Systems have replaced it. Politicians are fake responsible for others, while they can not even be responsible for even themselves (Biden is an easy example).

          By giving centralized power to a few people, you also have a position that is most wanted by crooks and criminals. Even if people would first choose the "smartest" people as "leaders". These people would quickly be replaced with charlatans and criminals, because they will cheat the system. And they will betray the people. The US is full with such examples.

          It also goes in hand with a free flow of constructive information about what decisions mean what to other people. That is also a form of responsibility to both give and get the correct information. This is not what the mainstream does, and they are just working for the criminals. And people also need to learn how to deal with information. Learn how social engineering works, propaganda and astroturfing, and how it is used to create a false sense of reality.

          How to deal with the complexity of information and science I have good articles here:

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            That's normally what happens, but then the 99 get jealous rage and go kill him because they can't be proven wrong.

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            The problem with "democracy" is that we know only of REPRESENTATIVE democracy. Direct democracy works well enough, but the representative version is shit.

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            What's the alternative? Sure, it's flawed because we're fundamentally flawed, but the Founding Fathers were savvy enough to makes the Constitution malleable so we can change it as needed. What form of government outside of democracy allows for that?