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    You can support candidates that don't live in the same district. All of this is not required to get a candidate.

    I do agree with it though. It's safer living with whites in banking with non-Jew banks is definitely a plus as well

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    “Jew white supremacy” is a contradictory statement and a form of projection because Jews are of color.

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        Jews don’t believe in human cannibalism because the chemical makeup of human skin is too similar to that of pigs.

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        If Jews are white, then we have achieved white supremacy.

        If Jews are black, then we have achieved black supremacy.

        If Jews are Asian, then we have achieved Asian supremacy.

        Whatever race the Jews are is by definition the master race because we are God’s chosen people. The race of God’s chosen people is the master race, which is why he chose us as His chosen people and not your shitty degenerate blasphemous death cult which will be systematically eliminated in accordance with Leviticus 24:19–21.

        Jews are the master religion, and all who do not worship the Jewish God the Jewish way will be punished by Him as brutally as the Bible spells out. Everything you do to God’s chosen people will be done to you in accordance with Leviticus 24:19–21.

        You’re just jealous that light-skinned Jews do everything white people do better than white people.

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        such a hilarious joke hahaha..

        You will be kicked back to the ocean.. inbred subhumans (jews) will get what they deserve, the ocean. Free Palestine from the river to the sea.

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        Jewish supremacy is ordained by God. From the river to the sea, Israel will be free: free of goyim, free of crackers, and free of breeders.

        Am yisrael Chai!

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        Patrick Little tried for CA congress

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        Shit, never heard of him. Wish I had

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        He's a savage mfer. There's some cool videos of him floating around.

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        I'll check those out. I wonder if he is running again.

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        So you admit you’re a socialist. Nazism is National Socialism, and National Socialism IS Socialism.

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        Yes I am a Nazi, a national socialist. I subscribe to the ideals in Mein Kampf.