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They have houses they bought for $25,000 back in the day, a shitload of money, new cars and you are all butt hurt over it. Fuck off you lazy millenial and pay your fucking student loans.

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Millennial? Or is he just plain White Trash.

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You can be both I suppose.

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    /u/AcademicSwastika do not advocate violence. Strike three. You are banned from /s/politics

    CC /u/magnora7

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    That's discrimination, because governments not only advocate violence, but they commit violence on a daily basis too.

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    that's true

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    They are butt hurt because their parents were too stupid to build wealth and give them a head start. It is other people's parents who are established and their kids are outcompeting OP. At leat in the lower class.

    The middle class is full if immigrants who's children got stem degrees, or who worked their way up the ladder through hard work and competence.

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    Do you want them to be as emotionally mature as you are? Are you just about ready to pull your blue hair out?

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    You're confusing me with your mother. But I'm not black.

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    Go hug your grandma ffs. That's why youre so messed up, not enough hugs. Open up. Be vulnerable.

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    Seems like OP feels entitled and angry he expects the world on a gold platter without working for it as "boomers" did, his psychological manipulation only works with fellow shit for brains. Well I say shit for brains asuming he has a IQ better than 8.

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    Theyre the first generation who were exposed to TV from birth. Thats pretty much the whole reason. After I left my parents home I never had a TV, so Im one of the very few exceptions I hope. Everyone I know views the media as their global all-powerful all-knowing holy church, very few had the balls and the brains to resist the global COVID fear campaign, even fewer realize that the climate change fear campaign is the exact same kind of scam, just much larger in scope and consequence.

    TV makes people weak, stupid, and cowardly. Generation TV will be the one who will destroy most of what their ancestors have built.

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    Their parents were the last men on Earth to live with next to zero subversion; and they almost all died in wars or conflicts. Hence they all inherited riches and the base of the ponzi scheme of retirements, while doing next to nothing and saving nothing for the next generation.

    Gen X is incredibly numb and depressed because of that; they followed the other generation's steps but couldnt gather a fraction. This further alienates Boomers as they see all other generations as lazy and entitled without giving some introspection of how the world was; they have nilch, because it wasnt a survival trait in their day.

    We might see interesting stuff in Gen Z; its the least centrist generation ever; you either have based lads or incredibly gay faggots. A ticking generational bomb. Gen X mostly wont have the balls to stop it, but might have a few things to leave to them as a way to not repeat their parents' mistakes.

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    Why are you so fucking precious?

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    they're smarter than you

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    your generation (whatever it is) will face worse than your assumptions demand for them