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What's the alternative? Continue letting Europe abuse us? Did you know that coke (the soda) , an American export, is more than double the price here than in Germany? A lot of groceries are like that. How is this possible?

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Something that is called a beverage, laden with chemicals and having little to no nutrition, is not really something Americans should be proud of. Why not choose a real fruit juice, like orange juice, which costs about the same in Germany and in America, and can provide healthy nutrition?

Just because a man repeats a slogan does not mean he plans to honor it. Look at his actions rather than his words.

What's the alternative?

It is better to put your trust in the Lord than to trust in a man.

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Their bell peppers are 1.79 euro for 3. My local Kroger sells them for 4.29 for two. I took pictures of a number of prices, but coke is the easiest to compare. We, the people, are getting absolutely screwed and need to stop worshipping the God of complacency and cowardice.

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You don't offer any solutions. What do you suggest?

My God is the bravest and most compassionate there is.... Jesus lay his life down for his friends. He can also provide food and drink for no money. When Moses led the people out of Egypt, God sustained them with manna forty years in the wilderness.

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Soda is poison, drink water instead!

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Oh so we only like immagrents if they are illegal?

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OP, are you retarded? Because you sound retarded.