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I really can't tell if this bitch is trolling us. WTF does that have to do with the US? Most African countries are balking at Western "help" anyway because they hate the LBGT nonsense and consider it an insult to their culture to lecture them on it. I guess they'll be fine with free internet though? How does this serve the US? Who asked for this? And who said "oooo, she's onto something here?" Is she so incompetent they have to make up projects for her so it looks like she's doing something? She should move to Africa. I'm sure one of those countries would make her president.

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I would imagine their plan is to send the entire continent of Africa mail-in ballots.

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I'm guessing this means the USA (Israel?) gets to control information in Africa.

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China will eventually take control of Africa. China will develop a virus in Wuhan that will be deadly to Africans only. The numerous Chinese in Africa will take over the continent.

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Who wants to invest in the nigger shithole that is Apefrica? Biden admin pandering to nigs again?

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Western Colonist countries continue to loot and manipulate Africa...

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I'm talking about the US. Name one American Colony in Africa. I can only think of Liberia and they became independent in 1847.