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With Trump having taken a hit, the Democratic leadership should replace Biden to take advantage of this. Democrats cannot have a candidate who people vote for simply because Trump is a worse choice. They have to have a candidate who people support enthusiastically. A young moderate such as Josh Shapiro or Andy Beshear would be good. After the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War, President Lincoln replaced the Union commander, General Meade because he failed to pursue the Confederate army. Lincoln said that Meade reminded him of an old lady shooing geese across a creek. Lincoln replaced Meade with Ulysses S. Grant who would lead the Union army to victory.

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Having been convicted of 34 felonies, Donald Trump cannot own a gun, hold public office or even vote in many states.

Setting aside my misgivings over the offenses, charges, and clear kangaroo court proceedings... if he can't hold public office, how is it that he's still in the presidential race. Is POTUS not a public office?

It's evident that at very least, someone other than the duly elected President has been running the show since the last inauguration; Biden approaches near lucidity only occasionally and it's quite evident that he is confused about where he is and what's happening around him. He should be in a cognitive support department of an assisted living facility.

I think one thing that Trump accomplished during his term is exposing how much influence over matters our government really has- with the caveat that one has to be willing to see it. The manner with which the Covid-19 operation unfolded during his final year in office left me with a ton of doubt.

I seriously doubt that the results of the upcoming election will satisfy anyone beyond whoever or whatever is preselecting candidates for us and I seriously doubt that Trump will emerge as #47. I haven't forgotten how scorched earth the political establishment acted- abetted by media propagandists, when Trump won in 2016; how the calls for impeachment began before he even took the oath.

Set aside the scandalous manner by which all the verdicts have been achieved, I believe that there's a pretty solid case for his disqualification as a candidate. I believe THAT is an objective. So, headlining that it's "unclear" how the verdicts affect the race in disingenuous and insulting. People are being led like children- by the media.

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He can't hold public office in some states. Remember when Covid appeared, it was a new disease which was not understood. Also, states had different laws regarding Covid. The media range from liberal to conservative. Some people gravitate to the media which supports their view.

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Remember when Covid appeared, it was a new disease which was not understood.

Covid was a "variant" of the coronavirus which was well understood as one of the major viruses that caused the common cold. Two available treatments effective for dealing with complications that some might get from a head and chest cold, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, were quietly pulled at the start of the pandemic operation. We were being lied to by media and political leaders.

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Covid is deadlier than the common cold. Remember when hospitals were overflowing with patients dying from Covid. That's not true today because most people have some immunity to Covid through vaccination or infection. However, the government was too cautious. Although, there was little evidence of people catching Covid outdoors, sports stadiums limited the people in attendance. Although, pediatricians recommended children go to school because they would fall behind, needed social contact and usually do not suffer harm from the virus, many schools resorted to remote learning. If a person is infected with Covid, drugs such as Paxlovid is prescribed. However, these drugs were not yet developed.