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Gee they’re really up on current events. Maybe next they’ll report that Biden became president

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The long held Democrat policies that Biden largely-unilaterally rammed through, implementing all at once, have failed now it is time to say it was all Biden's fault.

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The Democratic leadership should replace Biden with a young moderate such as Josh Shapiro or Andy Beshear. The reason would be medical issues. There would be no need to have Biden's approval. He is unable to comprehend that his mental abilities are declining. Remember Dianne Feinstein.

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He was not mentally fit to stand trial, so he is not mentally fit to be president.

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Joe Kennedy is a great alternative for Democrats.

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No, too far to the left.

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You mean: Murdoch family newspaper kicking dead hourse propaganda about age. This isn't informative. Shall we discuss Trump's mental illnesses of the past few years?

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Shall we discuss Trump's mental illnesses of the past few years?

Endlessly... interspersed with informative updates about climate change, fluff pieces about how the economy is booming, and educational op-eds by any one of a large group of Trump-hating political experts living and working in Hollywood.

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Not what I've seen. I tend to see facts about mango mussolini, the convicted felon, rapist, grifter, serial liar, racist, traitor to the US, inhumane, pedophile, thief, tax fraudster, tax evader, dog whistler, cheater, brain damaged, narcissist, insurrectionist, embezzler, asshole.

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Lions and tigers and bears….Oh my!

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I would like to add that since Trump is also old, he should be losing his mental acuity. If the Democratic leadership replaces Biden with a young moderate such as Josh Shapiro or Andy Beshear, the matchup would be a young Democrat against an elderly Trump. The contrast would be sharper than the contrast between Kennedy and Nixon.

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We agree entirely on all of this.

Many of Biden's traditional supporters are saying they will not vote for him or Trump because of Biden's support of Israel, though he's helped - and has tried and failed to help - Palestinians in a number of significant ways that others are not recognizing. For me and many others, the biggest problem with Biden has been the Israel lobby's control of him. What voters should consider is that Trump - if we forget about all of his crimes, misdemeanors, lies and corruption - is 10x worse in his and the Kushner crime family support of Israel's genocide. What many don't seem to understand is that Israel's genocidal plans developed significantly during the Trump administration, and would be much worse during 4 more years of a senile, corrupt AF Trump admin. Still, there are many who are arguing they'll not vote for Biden because of Israel. Let's face it, the voting public is stupid.

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This is the plan Biden should offer Israel to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Egypt will be given the West Bank enlarged by land equivalent to the Gaza Strip. In return, Israel will be given the Gaza Strip and land at least 3 times larger than the West Bank in the Sinai Peninsula. Some of the land will be adjacent to water so Israel can build desalination plants. The Sinai is inhospitable, and Egypt doesn’t have the technology to develop it but Israel does. With its new land, Egypt can give it to the Palestinians, make it a state within Egypt, or whatever it wants.

This plan will win the support of voters who dislike Biden's Israel policy. They will see that he has an innovative plan.

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It supports special counsel Robert Hur's conclusion that Biden has the mental decline of an old man.

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Everyone in the world has mental decline at age 80. News? Nope.

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But people can now see the extent of the decline.

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Presidents are chosen specifically because they're mildly retarded, remember my pet goat.

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Last year's news.

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But with new details.

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you don't say.