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The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state.

The US is no longer a democracy. The government is no longer legitimate.

The government has unconstitutionally banned protesting, arrested reporters, outlawed guns, has forfeiture, checkpoints, torture, NSA wiretapping, indefinite detention without trials, TSA groping, and extrajudical assassination.

You cannot sue the government because the courts won't hear the case or will side with the government and uphold the law.

Now Americans live in a police state. The elites have won everything. Are Americans just supposed to wait to go to the concentration camps?

Will the tyranny stop increasing, will the wars be ended, and will the debt be reduced?

What kind of life is this? Is slavery better than death?

The elites do not need to pay a price?

Everyone is born for reason.

Should Americans do nothing?

Should Americans protest like Gandhi?

What happened to Mussolini, King Charles I, Gaddafi, and Ceausescu?

Aren't you just a little bothered? Are you having trouble sleeping? Aren't you just a little concerned?