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The USA is now an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state flooded with illegal aliens.

When the Europeans arrived in North America, they wiped out the Indians, imported black slaves, and then started a free country.

Thirty years ago, some Americans may have questioned why people hated Jews, but Americans started finding out why when the Internet became widespread.

Even if you hate to blame the US collapse on the Jews, Americans have to wonder who is behind the moral decay, refugees, illegal immigrants, feminism, divorces, censorship, debt, wars, and police state. Who controls Wall Street, the media, and Hollywood?

Americans bitch and complain that they are victims of the Jews, but how can Americans say that they aren’t responsible for anything?

If the Jews tell you to be immoral and you are immoral then whose fault is that?

If the Jews tell you to go in debt and you are in debt then whose fault is that?

If Americans hate wars then where are the war protests?

If Americans hate illegal aliens then where are the protests?

If Americans love freedom then why do they beg for more laws?

Do Jews outnumber white people?

Nazis say that the Jews must be killed off, but are there any other options?

Racists scream Jews destroy countries and then Jews say they are victims when they get expelled or killed.

Can’t white people use Jewish methods?

Can’t white people start free speech forums?

Can’t white people start movie studios, media companies, and stock markets?

Black people have the NAACP, why can’t white people have a white pride organization?

Can’t white people move to white places like Vermont, Montana, or Eastern Europe?

Are Americans crippled retards?

How can Americans sleep at night while the USA collapses?

How can Americans look in the mirror today without feeling disgusted and ashamed?