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On Dec. 9, 2008, police raided the home of the millionaire James Cummings in Belfast, Maine. Cummings was an abusive husband, and he had been shot in the head by his wife, but that wasn’t what still disturbs investigators to this day. At Cummings’s home, police obtained radiological material and literature on constructing a dirty bomb.


More than a decade later, on Aug. 3, 2019, a gunman posted an anti-immigrant, white nationalist manifesto on a far right forum, walked into a Walmart on the East side of El Paso, Texas and opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle, killing 22 people..

Uh huh?

The Islamic State declared its intent to get its hands on a nuclear device in its propaganda magazine Dabiq. Al Qaeda trained the domestic terrorist José Padilla in Egypt and Afghanistan and then sent him back to the United States to detonate a dirty bomb.

Ok, sounds about right?

The budding nationalist white supremacist terrorist movement in the United States is no different.

Poor logic based on assumption, but I'll keep reading.

“The goal of the white nationalist movement is to disrupt the current society in enough of a way to inspire other people to pick up arms against the government,” Assistant Anthropology Professor at Vanderbilt University with a specialization in white nationalism, Dr. Sophie Bjork-James

You should probably "re-specialize" I think times have changed since what you remember, old timer...

So, aside from two disconnected events - which they throw away by saying "its ALL connected!!!" and some "nukes bad" repeated over and over - just another classy hit piece with some fear mongering sprinkled on top. Lovely.


Four neo-Nazi roommates lived together until one of them converted to Islam and shot two others for disrespecting his religion.

Wow, such white supremacy!

These are not isolated incidents; in 2004 and 2013, the FBI arrested two white supremacists interested in acquiring and detonating a dirty bomb.

Moreover, these are not “lone wolves.” They are part of an extremist network bound by white supremacist ideology, far-right hate, and online indoctrination. And there is no shortage of evidence that they want to acquire their own radioactive weapons.

LMAO, except you seem to have a fairly difficult time linking them all together...

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Awesome, post. I love when others have the time to read this crap and see through the obvious deception.

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I don't think they want to get immigrants out of their country by making their country uninhabitable.