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The USA is collapsing.

The US is hypocritical, corrupt, and rigged today.

Americans criticize the evil bankers for fraud, but who took out the home loans that they knew they couldn't pay back?

Americans slam Obama for supporting endless wars, tyranny, and debt, but Trump does, too.

Racists have Asian girlfriends.

White people criticize black people for being criminals when everyone who has ever deposited or withdrawn less than $10,000 from their own bank account has committed a felony.

Americans hate refugees, but who started the wars that led them to be here?

The same Americans who cheat on their wives say homosexuals are immoral.

The same men who criticize girls for being immoral are sleeping with them.

The US criticizes North Korea for human rights abuses, but the USA tortures.

The USA criticizes Iran for wanting nuclear weapons, but the US has nuclear bombs.

The government and illegal immigrants don't obey the law, but Americans are required to.

Americans say they love freedom, but then they turn around and support the Gestapo and call for more laws and more draconian punishments.

The US is falling apart, but no one says a damn thing.

How can Americans sleep at night or look in a mirror now without feeling disgusted and ashamed?