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Was talking to a friend whose company had a data breach last year. He says his PR dept. waited until a Friday to make a press release, as did Marriott (at least I think, it's behind a paywall so I didn't read it). He says it's becoming more common to do so, less people paying attention.

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It's not a paywall, you need to click 'just browse' most left option and then accept cookies.

But yes, these kind of things are still 'swept' under the rug. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have a contingency plan and/or inform the clients for the potential problems.

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No matter what business you have, if it has some data online, it's under the risk Do you remember all these news about Google, Facebook, Apple data leak and hacking attacks? And they're the biggest online businesses. Now we see that offline businesses are also under the risk.