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Elementary OS and Deepin are pretty similar to Mac OS

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Powershell is the closest thing to a real shell in windows. Also cygwin if you want a unix command line in windows. You just have to navigate out to your regular files with cd /cygdrive/c/.

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But what's with the goddamn fucking beep? Who the fuck would want this? WHY IS THERE NO OBVIOUS WAY TO GET RID OF IT.

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Then get off of windows. It has a ridiculous updating strategy that should make companies think it can't be a serious tool for a work environment.

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tl;dr; I left my job and the mac stayed with them, but I might try to buy it off of them because it's ridiculous to do any work on windows.

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You could try duel booting or virtualboxing linux and see if you like its shell more. About 50% of linux users live in the shell so you know it's going to be good. I personally use Manjaro because it's easy setup and it has a straight forward desktop unlike Ubuntu. That and the AUR means you never have to set up a compile for almost anything because someone has compiled it before and turned it into a script. It means Arch based linuxes like Manjaro have the largest software library of any OS that can run after a one command line install.

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Which beeping? PC speaker beeping? If so, just disconnect the PC speaker. IIRC, CMD was always crap.

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Windows Terminal for a better terminal and WSL for a usable shell.

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Windows Terminal for a better terminal

This is beautiful