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Guess I'll add my own side project - I'm working on a simple command line utility in C to visually plot data from stdin.

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PHP everday

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At the early stages of trying to make some decentralised/federated gaming platform.

Things like Steam have a number of issues. Playing games in web browsers has other issues. Hopefully can solve a few of these problems. Looking to use Chromium, maybe node-electron/NWJS/deno, (web)torrent, Web Assembly. Should look at payments. Crypto? TODO list is quite long. Should at least learn some stuff!

Also on/off making a game, graphics demos etc in WebGL

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An app using flutter and dart. It brings me joy, very fun to work with

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A training log app using Ionic + Angular.

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I have a codebase that simulates NPC perception and packages it through discourse into shareable language structures that other NPCs can interpret and remember. It's... it's a thing. I'm a formal semanticist by training. It's just coded in simple Lua. I work on it in between welding projects.

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I've got Flask and Python to a comfortable spot ... mostly. Trying to work my head around react to talk with my flask API so I can use the API to write to my mongo DB.

omg... learning new things....

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Internal tool for our team using flask / SQLite but considering upgrading the UI

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A platformer game using Nimgame 2.

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At work developing an economic report generation related Excel add-in and its web application back-end and database development. Languages involved are mostly C# and SQL.

Personal projects are a bit on hold since quite a while back. I have some interest getting re-started with some Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects, but the main problem is the lack of good-enough ideas that aren't too overwhelming. And also the lack of suitable physical space to spread out all the hardware related stuff without having to all the time pack it away when done for the moment.

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Refreshing my knowledge of C. Haven’t programmed properly in a decade beyond scripting tools when needs arise.