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What's your definition of traditional? I'm 60% sure you're not talking about crocheting or sewing. Wouldn't traditional practices include paganism too and is that considered a conflict at that point? I feel like you have a stronger set of criterion in your head that would be beneficial to share.

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Crocheting, sewing, and (traditional) paganism are all fine. Anyone who practices any of these is a candidate. I just don't want degenerate modern scum.

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I'm more concerned about what defines characteristics of degeneracy in your eyes.

This looks like an excellent opportunity though. So to clarify, you're saying that you would train a couple of folks from scratch to learn these coding methods?

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Degeneracy in programming means preferring complexity over simplicity, and preferring ideas over what works in the real world. These things correlate to all other forms of degeneracy which are generally things that cause societies to fail, and are condemned in religious texts. All of the values of modern western culture are degenerate.

Of course I would much rather hire a programmer with experience since they can be useful right away. In the future I hope to offer free programming classes to a non-degenerate population like the Mennonites in north Mexico.

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So would this be a 1099 hire? How would you propose to educate someone on programming, as in are you personally teaching them and you've devised instructional material to do so with or referring them to another resource?

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Yes 1099.

I haven't thought through how to teach programming yet. I would probably put together some instructional material and then have a class.

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Are you a senior dev or what? I'm feeling the same but looking for new opportunities, want older experienced non-woketards to learn from

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I am a senior programmer. If you are really anti-modern, then I have 2 paid jobs you may be interested in. I will message you my contact info.

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No response. Typical.

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Are you hiring for personality or the code? There's some kind of mixed messaging happening. I bet you could find a debased hipster who is half Luddite and writes conservative non-modern code. But then again maybe you're just trying to "turn out" the right person, I can respect that.

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After my last hire failed, I learned my lesson. No more programmers from modern culture.

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Maybe check out some of the blogs over at the Simple Programmer Ultimate List of Software Developer Blogs, check out their about sections. Or you could just hire devs from India where many folks come from traditional Hindu families.

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"Modern scum" seems a little too general to me. I'm calling it out as a logical fallacy = hasty generalization In other words, I'm not convinced by the poster above. When you want to make a general point about something you should begin with examples. After 3 or so examples you can claim a generalization such as "modern scum programmers".