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the devil embraced open source when it couldn't be destroyed via outside attack

now they are playing trojan horse.

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Open-source, like "science" and "socialism" and countless other things and concepts is neither good nor bad.

Being open folks can catch the bad guys if you can analyze their code.

Being open means the bad guys (and corporations) get free code to build with. They get all the advantages of the open code PLUS whatever bullshit they add on.

they can just tell the moronic masses that it has "deep architectural flaws", and they will believe them.

Unless other folks negate that nonsense. Like much in our world, reputation and authenticity build legitimacy - and often it's for sale.

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All of the evil programmers I know

Huh, funny. All the evil programmers I know are working to write closed-source spyware, malware, bitcoin miners, surveillance software, facial recognition software, IoT, tracking software for the web, they work for the NSA, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

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All members of modern culture are evil.

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Because it lets them show how sophisticated they are. Open source is good, but good things can be used for evil. Open source allows evil programmers collaborate on bad software.

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By what criteria are you judging these programmers to be evil? Just because they are liberal does not necessarily make them evil.

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No it doesn't. There is a certain class of programmers who are evil in every way. They control every widely used open source software in the same way that evil dishonest moderators control almost every widely used subreddit. If a user of their software asks them a question they are often condescending or rude. If you report a bug they will tell you it's not a bug and you are using it wrong. And if it is something that is very obviously their problem like a memory leak, they will ask you questions about how you were using it until they can find something abnormal you did which they will use as an excuse to ridicule you and say that you are the problem and not their shitty software. And if you didn't do anything unusual, and you can reproduce the bug by running it in the canonical way, they will just lie and say to your face that you did something stupid and end the discussion. They have to do this because they program according to principles that result in bad software, so the only way they can avoid looking incompetent is by ridiculing those who report things that may make them look bad, ridiculing their competition, and forcing programmers who write better software than them to stop via dishonest political means.

Although almost all of them claim to care passionately about liberal causes, I don't think they truly care because everything is about image to them, so it would make sense for them to support causes that make them look like good, caring people. All of the evil programmers where I work have Twitter accounts, where they post about liberal causes daily. They are vocal in their support of Black Lives Matter, but I don't think they really care about blacks this passionately because they are all whites and I only ever see them associate with whites.

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I don't think there is any real difference between the way modern programmers deal with programming ideas or political ideas. Modern programmers will talk about how much they value things like modularity without having much idea of what it really means. So instead of really implementing modularity, they will follow some ideological pattern that is called modular but doesn't really work. This is exactly like following BLM without any real understanding of what may help blacks. In both cases what they follow is an idol that they worship. They have no concern for reality itself.

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The point of open software is not so you can complain and have them fix it for you. It is so you can fix it yourself, improve it in any way you want, and publish the better version. As an impartial observer it sounds to me like you are the problem. No offense, just try to reflect a little.

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Bullshit. When I tried to do this at work they tried to manipulate me into stopping for a few months before finally convincing upper management to intervene and shut my software down. There was a team of people at work who had adopted my software and they were banned from using it. But they kept using it because the evil scum offered no useful alternative, and they would keep asking me questions until finally last week I was informed that upper management has now banned from even talking to the head of this team.

It's not just that they don't want to fix their software. It's also that they force everyone to use their junk. The head of the team I mentioned told me if it were just one or the other it wouldn't be so bad, but the problem is that it is both.

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That is not normal my guy. Stop extrapolating from that absurdity to the rest of the world.

If you can't get a straight answer as to why they are doing that it probably has a lot more to do with their software spying on you or producing something that can be data mined by them using some other software. It has nothing to do with them simply wanting you to use their software because it is their software.

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Management don't want you messing about with code for the sake of it - as they see it. You need to go to management & convince them to add the bug fix you want as a new feature, or convince them it's in their interests to remove the bug. Also - in your next coding job - make sure the bloody management understand the importance of properly working, bug-free code!

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As an impartial observer modern scum it sounds to me like you are the problem.

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what you described sounds like a real issue.

i don't think the kinda person you described will have a good reputation in the community though, at least not in the core team of any respected project. because the people you describe seems incompetent at tech.

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What he described seems to be the standard these days. It is good programmers who get a bad reputation in the modern world of modern scum.

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The software is O/S. Fork it and start your own version of it. This is what devs do when they reach an irreconcilable deadlock over future policy for the code.

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They are evil in the sense that everything that they produce or like is bad. This includes politics, software, art, music, architecture, everything. In biblical terms, they are idolators. Their death would be nothing but a blessing to this world.

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Perhaps there is some kind of dynamic there where people who have the time to write software for free have necessarily abandoned the responsibilities that good people take on. Perhaps they have abandoned the pursuit of a career, relationships, helping their families. And only in doing that can they have the time to be programmers.

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I write open source software. Of course my software is hated by all modern scum, as I would expect. Anyway, everything produced by modern culture/scum is horrible, whether open source or not.

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I can Haskell the shit out of it. ;-D :-D

I don't like C. As i don't like neither C# or C++. I like to see what i wanna get. I only mostly see your interfaces. Then i start recursion.

At first it doesn't work. Then it does. Then i implement some code here or there. less than 16 alphanumerical signs regularly.

In opposite to most of your comments i am as well mathematician as evil.

And i am truthful. A major edit of yours is usually a small change in my sw.

Look at this like this: I do. You just want to.

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Define "evil programmer".

I cannot understand this OP comment because s/he is using their own private language to describe the world, like: "evil programmer". In my experience their are 4 kinds of coder: ​bad, OK, good, and great. Good programmers aspire to be great, and may be one day. Most are either bad or OK.