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I remember a transwoman telling me programmers who use python are more likely to transition.

I think they thought it was an Arrival type language effect on the brain.

I think it's more likely because they can't get laid and watch too much porn and cartoons.

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    All scripting languages make extensions possible, but it isn't seamless. Compare to a typical Luan binding:

    Luan can call Java directly, so this really is seamless. In many cases a Luan function is simply a Java method.

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    tcl . i rewrite python libraries in tcl to avoid using python

    i dislike java almost as much as python, and luan is

    Luan is implemented in Java and is tightly coupled with Java.


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    Java is hardly the best choice. What about all the others? : Rust, F#, Scala, Julia, ...

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    Of these, Java is the best choice. I have looked at Rust, F#, Scala and all are modern crap by modern scum. Scala is the worst programming language I have ever seen. I just briefly glanced at Julia and it looks like modern crap overloaded with features. I don't know if you are modern scum or not, but clearly all modern scum will hate early Java because it was such a good language and modern scum hate everything that is good.