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I don't like the interface, either, with all the weird double-dashes and whatnot. I read what you wrote about that and thought, "I don't think you actually need -- there anymore...". Who the fuck even knows except Google and my cheat sheet?

Beyond that, I like Git in theory, but another big practical thing I dislike about Git is the branching strategies that projects and organizations end up using. The pull request thing is laborious and over-used IMO. People shoot themselves in the foot making a bunch of feature branches and going off on individualistic tangents, etc.

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Why not use Mercurial instead?

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I've never really used it, and I've never been in a position to choose source control for a team.

That said, I think it's kind of a VHS-vs.-Betamax question. You have two very similar technologies, and the slightly inferior option has won out simply because someone influential selected it. For VHS I think it was Sony, or maybe porn-peddlers. For Git it's Linux.

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I feel you. I never really use git because of a too steep learning curve for my projects. But i'm oldschool and don't code fancy stuff, i'll admit.

Modularizing stuff is quite easy for me though, because i have a mind-system for this.

And my front-end guy... i trust him. Javascript and PHP i cannot be hassled with.

I wouldn't accept torturing myself that much. My patience sadly isn't limitless, especially with machines it ain't.

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So what do you use for source control?

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I don't use code others wrote for my code.

I use Haskell, mostly.

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git checkout branch
git checkout -b branch
git checkout -- filename

one command to rule them all?