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I do like your approach better. Why bother with "bind" when mere knowledge of the fundamentals of the language allow the same thing?

All I can figure is that there is a certain type of programmer who really likes using the dot operator and slows down a bit mentally when presented with anything other than a method call. I remember 10 years ago, something called a "fluent API" was all the rage, where you'd type chained function calls that kind of resembled natural language:

IReposityory r; tellThe().RepositoryFactory().ToMake().ARepository(RightFuckingNow).WithoutChangeTracking().AndCallIt(r);

A lot of devs apparently get a huge hard-on when presented with this cutesy syntax. I think these are the same devs who'd get off on using "bind" etc. in JavaScript.

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Actually another thing I am doing to SCEditor is removing support for "fluent" calls which are just disgusting. I am calling my fork "SCEditor, Reactionary Edition".

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Well there you go. Sounds like a solid project.

I despise any code where it looks like the author was just trying to show off.

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This whole language is osmium-grade bullshit.

That is why i refuse doing anything with it. And advise anyone that seemingly can digest, to finally ditch it.

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There is no alternative in the browser.

Anyway, the main problem is that modern programmers are scum, not the language itself. It is possible to write tolerable Javascript code.

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Thanks to the gods that chose me, I don't have to do "web"- design or dark patterns in "apps".

Graph-Databases aren't any easier, but less nonsensical bullshit, I believe.

I could tell you stories about the BS database BMW uses, you wouldn't believe, i think.

But I get your gist and suffering.