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Also, pinging u/magnora7 and u/d33r

EDIT: it's his/her username is not d33r, and i'm not sure what it is. oh well. :shrug:

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You'll have to follow the existing Reddit API documentation. We're 99% compatible. The keys may not be renamed either, try looking for reddit_session.

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Hey, thanks for replying. I made this post because I have been trying to do that for the past 2 days or so, to no avail. If there are any keywords I am missing in the searches, please tell me.

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I think the simplest proof of concept is adding an app in preferences -> apps, then using python and Praw to pull something from our API.

I haven't done anything with the API manually, but RedReader is up and running so at least most of the API is working.

So you're stuck at logging into the API? Using oauth/what Reddit type of app are you trying?

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Yes, I am stuck at logging in to the API.

Using oauth/what Reddit type of app are you trying?

Not quite sure what you mean, but it's a node.js app, and I'm making the GET and POST requests with the npm request package, if that's what you want.

EDIT: I'll make a post on reddit about it.